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Affiliate Resources Dominate LinkedIn

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Select the text copy it in your message and replace <<YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>> with your affiliate link. Tip: use a or something similar to create a nice looking link for it. 

It’s great to connect with you here.

I’m very excited about LinkedIn and what a powerful tool it can be to help you grow your business and build your team.

The challenge is, you have to know how to use it correctly. And I certainly didn’t.


I picked up a bunch of great tips from this FREE webinar: Discover The Untapped Power Of LinkedIn To Build Your Business And Grow Your Downline.


I’m passionate about supporting all network marketers, so I wanted to share this as a gift because it’s been so helpful to me.

Looking forward to staying in touch!

I’ll be honest, as a network marketer I really struggled to get new customers and team members. And after I burned through my warm market I was really lost and didn’t have a clue how to find new people to talk to.

Then I came across a webinar about how to use LinkedIn for prospecting and recruiting, and honestly, it changed everything for me.

And because I love the network marketing industry, and want to support network marketers in whatever way I can…

I wanted to share this with you.

Here’s a link to the webinar, Discover The Untapped Power of LinkedIn to Build Your Business and Grow Your Downline


I hope this helps you as much as it has me!

Let’s stay in touch.

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