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Affiliate Resources – 60 Minute Power Recruiting

Sample Welcome Email for New Leads

I HIGHLY recommend that you send each of your leads a welcome email. You might want to say something like…

I see you just picked up a copy of [name of lead magnet]. Congrats! I’ve found the information in it to be really helpful.

I’ve been in the network marketing business for X years, and I’m so thrilled that I found Gloria MacDonald’s training on LinkedIn. It’s revolutionized the way I prospect and recruit! I highly recommend the 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program if you’re serious about growing your business. It’s only $47 and there’s a 30-day guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. You can get it here: [your affiliate link].

If you have any questions at all about Gloria’s programs I’d be happy to chat with you. Feel free to book a time on my online calendar here: [link to your calendar]


Cracking the LinkedIn Code for MLMers

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Prospecting Can Be Simple & Easy... but You've Got to Know the Secrets.

Use These Simple Secrets To Make The LinkedIn Algorithm Work For You!


And Start Getting MORE Views, Clicks & Connections

So That You Can...

==> Get MORE Prospects

==> Make MORE Sales

==> And Recruit MORE Team Members FASTER!

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SPECIAL for Network Marketers!

This Free Code Cracking Guide Will Show You...

-  The 6 stats you need to keep your eye on (these literally tell you how the LinkedIn algorithm is working for yo

-  EXACTLY what to do to establish your professional brand.

- The special tip to find the hottest prospects.

-  How to engage with far more people and get prospects booking on your calendar

Grab your copy HERE:  [Insert Your Affiliate Link]

The Secret Product Selling Formula

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FREE GUIDE for Network Marketers

Sell MORE Products with these Secret

Social Media Strategies

5 Days to Boost Your Sales!

SO THAT You and Your Team Will...

==>  Get those bonuses & win those trips

==>  Have a proven system that works

==>  Help more people

==>  Rank advance FASTER

 And... Make MORE Money NOW


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NETWORK MARKETERS - Sell More of Your Products TODAY!

This FREE Guide Reveals...

The HOTTEST Tips on how to use social media to effectively sell your products.

·       without being spammy & pushy

·       without inadvertently sending prospects to Amazon to buy your products

·       AND...without ending up in the NFL (No Friends Left)

You’re going to find out how easy it is to create effective content that provides value, educates, entertains, literally attracts prospects to you and inspires them to take action.



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Magic Never-Fail Video Scripts

Just plug in your own product or service and... voila!

You'll see just how powerful these scripts are and how you'll never have to worry about what to say again.

Have more people watching your videos and hanging on your every word!


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These Proven Never-Fail Video Scripts are Yours FREE!

Don't know what to say or how to say it?

Not any more.

In this All NEW Free Guide you'll get...

-  3 Proven Power-PACKED Video Script Templates

-  2 Real Examples of How To Use Each Script

-  Your Personalized "Roll Off The Tongue" Intro Formula

Put an end to stumbling and fumbling and feel comfortable and confident doing LIVE Video TODAY.


The NWMer's Monthly Stats Tracker

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Every Top Earner tracks their stats and knows their numbers.

Now YOU Can Too!

In this FREE "mini-course" you'll get a downloadable Monthly Stats Tracker Spreadsheet.  

PLUS a step-by-step video guide on exactly how to use it to focus on your key performance metrics.

Get your FREE Business Building "Mini-course" NOW!  [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

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Network Marketers - Know Your Key Performance Metrics

In this FREE "mini-course" you'll learn...
==>  how you can collect the information you need

==>  what critical information you should collect

==>  what you should be focusing on to grow your business

==>  AND... what all the Top Earners know that you don't.

Get your step-by-step video guide on the simple and easy steps to focus on your key performance metrics.

PLUS... get your downloadable Monthly Stats Tracker Spreadsheet.

All FREE right NOW! 

Get your "mini-course" HERE:  [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK] 

10 SECRET LinkedIn HACKS for MLM'ers

10 SECRETS HACKS To Build Your Business & Grow Your Downline FASTER!

MORE Prospects 

MORE Customers

MORE Team Members

In this FREE guide, you'll get BRAND NEW, never before shared Secrets!  Use these to turn LinkedIn® into a High Profit Platform.

These are the secrets my friend and mentor, Gloria MacDonald, used to go from zero, to making multiple five figures a month in less than a year.

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10 Top Types of LinkedIn Posts


NOW...10 EASY & Simple Posts You Can Create In Minutes To Boost Your MLM Business!

With these simple templates you'll be able to create powerful, attention grabbing posts that will...

  • stand out from the crowd
  • get MORE views
  • bring in MORE prospects
  • and help you make MORE sales

Get Your FREE Guide HERE:  [your affiliate link]


Grab Your FREE GUIDE Today!

10 TOP TYPES of LinkedIn Posts

Create a POWERFUL Social Media presence with these EASY posting tools & tips!

So that you can:

==> Save time and energy to do more of what you love

==> Make more money in less time.

==> Become a trusted authority.

==> And recruit more team members.

Get Your FREE Guide HERE:  [your affiliate link]

How To Boost Sales, Increase Customer Retention & Rank Advance Regularly


Discover An AMAZINGLY Simple 4-Step Process To Boost Sales, Increase Customer Retention & Rank Advance Regularly!

In this FREE Guide you'll see how you in JUST MINUTES a day you'll be about to make more sales & get more business volume EVERY SINGLE month from your existing customers!

This is so EASY you'll be shocked.  And your customers will literally thank you for it!

Best of all... you'll be able to share these Simple Secrets with your team members.  And they'll be Boosting Sales & Rank Advancing in no time too!

Find out how here:  [your affiliate link]


I just downloaded this FREE Guide and couldn't believe how simple & easy these tips are.

I've already started implementing this 4-Step Process and WOW!

Fortunately, I asked my friend and mentor, Gloria MacDonald, if I could share this guide with you and she said "YES!" 

So you can get your hands on a copy of How To Boost Sales, Increase Customer Retention & Rank Advance Regularly right here:  [your affiliate link]


"Hot Off The Press!"

Be one of the very first people in the WORLD to grab your copy of "How To Boost Sales, Increase Customer Retention & Rank Advance Regularly.

I just got mine!  And I'm super excited, so I wanted to share it with you!

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Mastering Conversations That Close

This Guide Walks You Step-By-Step Through The EXACT, Psychologically Backed, Conversation I Use To Create Connection And Turn Far More Prospects Into Partners.

This Is The Missing Puzzle Piece For Turning LinkedIn Into A 6-Figure Plus Profit Generating Platform For Your Business.

Get The Ultimate Network Marketer's Guide to Creating Connection and Turning Prospects Into Partners here:  [your affiliate link]

4 Steps To Power Prospecting

Have MORE Prospects Turning Into MORE Team Members

In this guide you'll learn the EXACT steps you need to unleash the incredible power of LinkedIn®.

These are the secrets my friend and mentor, Gloria MacDonald used to go from zero, to making multiple five figures a month in less than a year.

You'll learn how to...

  • Turn Your LinkedIn® Profile Into A Money Making Machine
  • Target Your Ideal Prospect – The One Who Already Wants What You Have To Offer
  • Create & Cultivate Powerful Connections That Convert
  • Post For Prospects & Profit
DOWNLOAD Your Free Step-by-Step Daily Action Plan To Success here:  [your affiliate link]

5 Easy Steps To Live Video

Get Your FREE Guide!

An EASY & PROVEN 5 Step Formula To LIVE Video That Will Bring A Steady Stream Of Qualified Prospects Everyday.

  • Does doing video scare you to death?
  • Do you struggle with what to say?
  • Do you worry you might stumble over your words and look foolish?
  • Are you afraid you're going to forget what you  want to say?
Now there's no need to worry ever again!

Download Your Copy Here:  [your affiliate link]


Discover A Powerful NEW Way To Attract The PERFECT Prospects & Recruit The “Cream Of The Crop"... By Leveraging The #1 Social Network For Entrepreneurs

In just a couple of hours… you’ll be fully armed with a revolutionary, never-seen before and 100% FREE strategy for using LinkedIn to generate super high quality leads, make a ton of sales and enroll new team members with ease!

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Imagine Waking Up Every Morning To A Steady Stream Of Top-Notch Prospects Reaching Out To You

And I don’t mean a bunch of looky-loos and tire-kickers, who wear you down with a million questions and end up wasting your precious time.

I’m talking about the very BEST kind of prospects… the top of the heap… the creme de la creme!

These are business professionals and SERIOUS entrepreneurs… who are EAGER to connect with others like them, and are ready to talk business.

And where would you find these PERFECT prospects?

Right now… there’s only ONE place online where it happens all day long… LinkedIn.

Find out how you can have an endless stream of Highly Qualified Prospects reaching out to you here:  [your affiliate link for the sales page]