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The “Amazon Effect”​ & How You Can Maximize It In Your Network Marketing Business

He’s the richest man in the world. His estimated net worth is $115 billion, and Jeff Bezos can be your best friend… or your archrival! You decide. No matter what, we have to credit him with being a visionary and creating the world’s largest online shopping platform. He’s created the Google of online shopping. And he’s changed the way we […]

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The 4-Step LIVE Video Success Formula – PLUS Brand New Never-Fail Video Scripts

Are you using the LIVE Video Success Formula? There are common mistakes I see Network Marketers, and plenty others, making in their videos all the time. These mistakes are causing them to lose valuable and precious views, engagement and SALES. If you’re not using the Simple 4-Step Formula I’m going to share with you today, you’re probably making these mistakes and MISSING […]

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The EASY Copywriting Genius Formula

I know writing, and particularly sales and marketing copy can be daunting. And I know how important… scratch that… absolutely critical it is get your message out to the world. And not just ANY message. But your own unique message. Let’s face it… No message out to the world means… ·      no prospects ·      no sales ·      no team members And worst of all… NO BUSINESS. That’s exactly why I’m […]

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Your Personal Brand – Why You Need One & What It Can Do For You

Who are you? REALLY? Who do your prospects think you are? What do they think you do? How do they think you can help them? How are you showing up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram? How are you showing up in emails and messages? Are you showing up the same way, consistently and constantly across platforms? Or are you showing up as Frankenstein some […]

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