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The MLMer’s Step-by-Step Road Map to Success

Recently a client asked… “If you were starting all over again from zero now, Gloria, what would you do?” Ooooooo… good question! I thought for a second and knew exactly what I’d do. So today I’m going to give you… Your Personal Road Map to Success ​This is the exact guidance and advice I would want someone to give me if […]

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How to Build Your Personal Brand and Stand Out from the Crowd

The Network Marketer’s Personal Branding RoadmapDo your prospects know who you are? Have they seen you? Do they know what you do? If not, you need to know… How to Build Your Personal Brand and Stand Out from the Crowd Your personal brand is instrumental in helping you: ==> establish credibility and leadership ==> grow your network ==> increase sales ==> and attract new […]

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Living in the Energy of Success to Create an Amazing Business and a Life You Love Living in Every Way

“I was a Pharaoh in Egypt in a past life.” Yep, you read that right! That’s what a client recently told me. She said she was struggling because… “I was a Pharaoh in Egypt in a past life.” My initial thought was… “OK, that’s a new one! I’ve never had a client tell me that before!” Now, this is not about past […]

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The Power of LinkedIn Groups to Build Your Network Marketing Business

If you’re not using them… You’re missing out BIG TIME! LinkedIn in largely overlooked and vastly misunderstood by network marketers and online marketers. And groups on LinkedIn are a total mystery to most. That’s why today I’m talking about…The Power of LinkedIn Groups to Build Your BusinessWe’ll cover…The pros and cons of starting your own LinkedIn GroupHow to become […]

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The Auto-Pilot Profits Facebook Group Strategy

The truth no one wants to share…Do you have a Facebook Group? You already know that groups are all the rage. But there are sooooooooo many!  It can be totally overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you do? How do you decide if you should even have one? Today you’ll learn…The do’s and don’ts of Facebook GroupsThe pros and cons […]

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The Social Media Overwhelm…HELP!

“Where do I start?????? So much to do… so little time. HELP! I don’t have endless hours every day. What should I be doing? Should I be using Facebook? LinkedIn? YouTube? Pinterest? Instagram?” The amount of advice relating to social media is just overwhelming. No matter which business guru you get your advice from, each one has their own […]

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