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Should you “fake it” ‘till you make it?

There are different schools of thought on this. But I know some Network Marketers have hang ups about recruiting, because they haven’t experienced success themselves yet. Some of it comes from people saying… When you’re making money with this thing, I’ll join you. Or… I’ll wait to see how you do with this. My experience says these people will NOT join […]

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Ever felt like a piece of meat?

You know, that feeling that you’re about to be skewered? You can see the dollar signs in their eyes or hear it in their voices. It happen to me just yesterday. I got a phone call “out of the blue” from someone who’d connected with me on LinkedIn. Now I always give these people a TON of credit for […]

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WTF!!!! [Why The Failure???] The Game Changer Manifesto for MLMers

It’s not your fault!!!That’s one of the most important things you need to know. It’s not your fault that you’re struggling and you’re still light years away from the freedom you dream of. OK… so then…WTF!!!! Why The Failure???I see so many smart, hard working people with goals who are no where near their dreams. To be blunt… They’re […]

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The big “follow-up” lie.

Follow-up ’till they BUY or DIE! That’s one of the biggies taught in direct marketing. In traditional sales, when you’re selling a product, that’s true. But when you’re looking for people to join your business, that’s not always the best thing to do. Why? Because there’s a big difference between follow-up and begging. And most people beg, even when […]

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The Laws of Success; Success Is Not Governed By Chance Or Luck

There’s no “luck” or “chance” about it! And it’s really not about how smart, talented or confident you are. So what’s the big difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t? I’m going to share with you exactly what that difference is and… The Universal Laws of Success You’ll learn what they are and how to implement them in […]

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4 Magic Steps to Create Rapport

If you want to recruit more team members faster… Then you’ve got to learn to work with Mother Nature. Not against her.And one key part of this is learning to create rapport.It’s just human nature, people generally prefer to be with other people whom they view as similar to themselves. So if your prospect, at an subconscious level, gets the […]

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