The Ugly Truth About Why You’re Struggling In Your Business That No One Wants To Tell You

Are you struggling in your business?  Are you feeling frustrated or discouraged?

No one wants to admit it.  I know I didn’t.

And I’d worked so hard.

I’d done everything my upline told me to, and it STILL wasn’t working.

Maybe you’re a lot like me and you’ve done all of these things.

  • written your list of 100 people in your warm market and contacted them.
  • done 3-way calls
  • hosted home parties/meetings and invited everyone you could think of.
  • invited people to the weekly meetings at your upline’s home
  • gone to all the big events and invited prospects so they could experience the energy in the room and see the amazing culture of the company.
  • joined networking groups to meet new people and get into the cold market.
  • put your business cards everywhere!  (You know, in books at bookstores, on car windshields in parking lots, in airplane seat pockets, in restrooms….)
  • contacted 10 people a day.
  • tried social media.

And you’re still not where you want to be!

Well, here’s the Ugly Truth About Why You’re Struggling In Your Business That No One Wants To Tell You

It’s all in your head!  It’s your brain’s fault!!!

Let me explain…Business Success

It’s your brain’s primary job to protect you and keep you safe.  As part of that, it does everything possible to help you conserve energy.

When you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, doing something new, you’re not conserving energy.

So your brain is going to send you a subconscious message to say “No, you don’t really want to do that.  That’s too much work.”

And when you start to get any kind of rejection, your brain is going to kick into high gear and say “NO STOP!  DANGER!”

Let me give you the real goods here.

So the good news is you can retrain your brain.

And you can implement new systems that don’t involve all of the rejection that the “old school” strategies do.

If you’d like to get free access to one of the strategies I’ve used for rejection-free recruiting check it out here.

Since I started using this, I have 20 – 40 or more Qualified Prospect reaching out to me every day.

Yep!  That’s right.  You got it. Seven days a week I have people reaching out to me wanting to know more about what I’m doing.

And you can have this too.  But not with that list of things that you’ve already tried.

That “old school” list causes your brain to take you out.

This new system of Social Media Recruiting works WITH your brain’s natural tendencies.  It eliminates rejection and keeps you in your safety zone.

You’ll see how one stay-at-home mom personally sponsored 278 peoplebuilt a team of over 8,300 reps… and created a wildly successful business with this little-known system… and how YOU can use it to EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS TOO!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so check out Social Media Recruiter today.

Celebrating Your Success!



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