Top Earner Reveals Secrets Of How She Is Getting 100 Prospects A Week To Reach Out To Her!


Do you ever wonder how those Top Earners are really getting all of those Prospects?

I recently had an opportunity to have dinner with a good friend and colleague of mine.  She shared with me what’s going on in her business.

100 Prospects A Week Are Reaching Out To Her!

Now how would you like that in your business?

My friend, Brandy, is a Top Earner in her company.  She’s also a very busy mother of six kids.Prospects, Prospecting

You can imagine that with a big family, Brandy really doesn’t have time to be driving all over the place to meet prospects.  She doesn’t have time to be doing a million home parties.  Or going to lots of hotel meetings.  Sound familiar?

If you’re anything like Brandy, and me…

Didn’t you start a home business, to be… well… at home?

Not running all over the place.

And weren’t you looking for freedom?  Not slavery to a crazy schedule of running to one-on-ones, parties, and meetings.

Never mind all of the rejection and no-shows.

So, Brandy found a highly effective way to Attract Prospects to Her using the power of Social Media.

Watch this, then keep reading because…

I’m going to give you The 3 Simple Steps to Create this Success.

Facebook is the most powerful Social Media platform you can use today to recruit for your business.

And Brandy has mastered the art of…

Using Facebook to Get a Steady Stream of Prospects Sending Her Messages Every Day.

Brandy and I both learned the skills we’ve needed to create our success and attract prospects with this program.

And we’ve done it without EVER plastering anything about a Network Marketing Opportunity or amazing ABC Company’s products ANYWHERE.

This may seem hard to imagine, but, you’ll never see a mention of any MLM or product on a really successful marketer’s page.

Here are the 3 Simple Steps to Create Success.

Step 1:  Create a Facebook Fan Page And Invite People to Like It

You need to have a Fan Page, not just your personal page.  Your personal page is limited to 5000 friends.  There’s no limit to the number of likes and followers you can have on your Fan Page.

And let’s face it, you’re going to be connecting with far more than 5000 people!

It’s so simple to create a Fan Page.  Even I can do it!

And that program I mentioned above gave me the simple step-by-step process to do it.  Truly in less than 30 minutes.


Step 2:  Provide Value and Become a “Trusted Authority”

People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust.  So you want to become a Trusted Authority.

This may sound pretty fancy, but it’s not.  Again, Easy-Peasy.  And the Attraction Marketing Program gave me all the tips.

Just start creating posts that your friends and followers will find useful and helpful. Remember that:

  • 30 % of people want to be informed
  • 30% want to be inspired
  • 30% want to be entertained
  • 10% don’t care
Use the AVC RuleProspects Prospecting

Be Authentic.

Be Vulnerable

Be Consistent

When you post something,  be yourself.  Share your mistakes and failures as well as your successes. Post on a regular basis.


Step 3:  Let People Know They Can Ask You For More Information

In your posts you simply say “write ‘More Info’ in the comments if you’d like to know how to create this success”.

Because you’ve created curiosity, people will really want to know.  And they’ll be coming to YOU!

And, I’m sure you’ve guessed it…

Both Brandy and I got our training for how to do it with this program.

If you’re interested in creating the kind of success Brandy and I are having, I encourage you to sign up for this Free 10-Day Bootcamp.

You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

Celebrating Your Success!


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