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95% Of People Do This, And It Kills Their Opportunity For Success

Why do so many people apparently “fail” in their businesses?  And others find success? There’s one thing that 95% of people do, that kills their opportunity for success. They QUIT. You see there are 4 things that you need to be successful in your business. 4 Keys To Success Success Key #1 – TIME Plain […]

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Lead Generation

Did You Go With Mayweather Or McGregor?

Who did you choose? Because it makes a difference in how you run your business and how successful you’ll be, especially at generating new leads. OK, right up front I’ll admit I writing about one area I know very little about — got help from my husband.  And another area I know quite a bit […]

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4 Secrets To Overcoming The Fear Of Scarcity And Competition

Have you ever felt this way? Jealous of other people’s success. Do you suffer from “comparison-itis”? Comparing yourself to those people who you view as more successful than you. Afraid you won’t ever have their level of success. A couple of days ago I got a Facebook message from a friend. “I need your help! […]

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“I want to grow it organically…”

Why do people say this??? I heard this line recently from a Network Marketer. She told me she wants to grow her business “organically”. REALLY????? What do you think we’re doing here folks… Growing vegetables????? I wish I could say this was the first time I’d heard this. But it isn’t. And to be perfectly […]

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When Should You Quit Your Job?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was out to dinner with a friend and I told her… “I’m quitting my job tomorrow.” The next day, I went to work and told my boss – “I quit. This is my 2 week notice.” Can’t tell you how GREAT it felt! He smirked and said […]

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