95% Of People Do This, And It Kills Their Opportunity For Success

Why do so many people apparently “fail” in their businesses?  And others find success?

There’s one thing that 95% of people do, that kills their opportunity for success.

They QUIT.

You see there are 4 things that you need to be successful in your business.

4 Keys To Success

Success Key #1 – TIME

Plain and simple it takes time to create success.

Despite the fact that network marketing provides a “business in a box”, if you will, it still takes time.

There’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme.

Even though a network marketing opportunity provides shortcuts in many steps of the process of starting up your own business…

  • You’re not creating your own product
  • You’re not creating packaging
  • You’re not inventing shipping and fulfillment systems
  • You’re not setting up all of the systems for tracking, financing, etc…

It still takes time.Success

It takes more than a couple of months, or even a year for most people to reach a level of success which might replace a full-time income.

There’s a gestation period whenever something new is coming to life.

In my experience, as I’m growing something new, there’s a momentum that gathers.

You can feel the energy of it as it picks up speed, until it gets to the point where there’s a consistent flow.

So,95% of people actually don’t fail.

Most people don’t spend enough time at their businesses to fail.  They QUIT.

Success Key #2 – Consistency

Success requires consistency.

If you spend 45 minutes one day working on your business, than 3 hours nine days later, than 1 hour three days after that, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be successful.

So decide what you can consistently commit to, and do it.

Because ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results.

Success Key #3 – Find Your Own Voice

You want to position yourself as a Trusted Authority.

Because people buy from, and join, people who they know, like, and trust.

A significant part of this is finding your own voice.

Not just mimicking a script that your upline gave you.Success

Or using a sales pitch you learned from a “guru”.

Those might be places to start, for sure.

However, in order for you to be truly genuine and sincere, you’ll have to find your way of communicating with prospects that’s effective and authentic.

This comes with practice and fine tuning.

Success Key #4 – Think Outside The Box

Highly successful people have achieved what they have because they’ve dared to “think outside the box”.Success

They’ve been brave enough to try something new.

Take risks.

Fall down.

And pick themselves back up again.

This is how anything new is created.

So maybe the system that your upline’s, upline’s, upline used to create their success worked really well for them, five, ten, fifteen years ago.

Is that going to work the same for YOU, today?

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