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Ssssssshhh……These Are TOP Success Secrets

Did you catch all the SECRET tips, ideas and inspiration on Prospecting, Recruiting, Business-building, and actually Making Moneeey from this week’s Winners’ Circle? If you missed any of the episodes, here you go: How To Use The Two Most Powerful Tools In The World To Experience Dramatic Growth In Your Business The Power Of Helping Your Downline […]

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FINALLY REVEALED: How Your Brain Is Killing Your Ability to Prospect And Recruit

Good News! You’ve got a brain! Bad News! You’ve got a brain! Discover the Concrete Scientific Evidence that Reveals How Your Brain is Literally Making You Fail in Your Business, and What You Can Do About It. If you followed me at all this week, you know that I’ve been talking about our brains and […]

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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Life And Business From A 5 Year Old

Kids sometimes do the darndest things! This 5 year old can teach you about life and business, and how to recruit and prospect without ever experiencing rejection. Just recently a friend of mine posted this picture of her daughter on Facebook with this comment. When you are only given 2 chips but wanted more… you […]

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5 POWER Habits of a MIRACULOUS Life

What are your 5 Power Habits?  Are your habits keeping you from creating a MIRACULOUS Life? I’m sure you’ve heard it said that we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. I would suggest that we’re the average of our 5 most Powerful Habits. If you want a Miraculous Life, […]

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Success is NOT Gained through Struggle!

The truth is, SUCCESS can never be gained through struggle.  It’s impossible! I’m not saying that highly successful people haven’t struggled.  Many have.  But… Successful people didn’t get to their level of success while they were still in the energy of struggle.  They couldn’t have. It defies quantum physics.  Because the frequency of struggle and […]

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