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Did You Go With Mayweather Or McGregor?

Who did you choose? Because it makes a difference in how you run your business and how successful you’ll be, especially at generating new leads. OK, right up front I’ll admit I writing about one area I know very little about — got help from my husband.  And another area I know quite a bit […]

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“I want to grow it organically…”

Why do people say this??? I heard this line recently from a Network Marketer. She told me she wants to grow her business “organically”. REALLY????? What do you think we’re doing here folks… Growing vegetables????? I wish I could say this was the first time I’d heard this. But it isn’t. And to be perfectly […]

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STOP PROSPECTING! It’s Dangerous To Your Health

Seriously.  Prospecting is Dangerous to Your Health.   Just take a minute and answer these questions. Do you ever feel burdened because you haven’t made the 30 phone calls a week your upline told you is necessary to “duplicate success”? Does the phone ever feel like it weighs 5000 pounds when you sit down to […]

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How to Create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so Prospects Want To Join YOU!

What makes you and your business different and unique? If you’re not sure, then you’re probably not setting yourself apart from the competition – even other people in your own company. Which means you could be losing quite a few leads and sales, because other Network Marketers (with a more defined voice) are probably dominating the conversation and grabbing […]

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Are Your Prospects In The Same Place As Your Keys?

Pleeeeeeeeease tell me I’m not the only one! Have you ever had the experience of searching everywhere for your sunglasses… only to find them on your head! Or maybe you’re in the lineup at Costco and panic sets in because you can’t find your credit card… and of course you’ve already given it to the cashier before […]

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