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7 Secrets to Getting and STAYING Out of the Slump

Probably more than any other question I get asked, “But how do you get out of a slump?” To be perfectly honest, the best answer is to not GET into the slump in the first place!  That might sound ridiculous, but that really is the key to success.

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Lead Generation

Did You Go With Mayweather Or McGregor?

Who did you choose? Because it makes a difference in how you run your business and how successful you’ll be, especially at generating new leads. OK, right up front I’ll admit I writing about one area I know very little about — got help from my husband.  And another area I know quite a bit […]

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The Rumors Were Flying!

A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning, my husband and I were driving to the golf course. He had the radio on. He was flipping between different sports stations.           But no matter what station he was on they were all talking about the same thing… Lebron James. The […]

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STOP PROSPECTING! It’s Dangerous To Your Health

Seriously.  Prospecting is Dangerous to Your Health.   Just take a minute and answer these questions. Do you ever feel burdened because you haven’t made the 30 phone calls a week your upline told you is necessary to “duplicate success”? Does the phone ever feel like it weighs 5000 pounds when you sit down to […]

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Discover The Secret Formula To Catapult Your Success

I hope this story gives you a laugh or two. Years ago, I taught English as a second language in Mexico. There was a group of about 9 of us Americans, who were teaching at a school. We were all young and adventurous. We’d go away on weekends to explore some of the more remote […]

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