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The EASY Copywriting Genius Formula

I know writing, and particularly sales and marketing copy can be daunting. And I know how important… scratch that… absolutely critical it is get your message out to the world. And not just ANY message. But your own unique message. Let’s face it… No message out to the world means… ·      no prospects ·      no sales ·      no team members And worst of all… NO BUSINESS. That’s exactly why I’m […]

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Hitting Your Social Media & Marketing Message GOLD

Is your marketing message hitting the target? Have you found the gold in your message to your prospects? Today I’m going to share with you the 3 Levels of Marketing Messages and how to use these to get…MORE customersMake MORE salesAnd grow your team FASTER.I’ll be showing you exactly how to craft a message that will have your […]

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He’s out to DESTROY your team!

… and one by one, this deadly force knocks people off their game, and causes you to lose good teammates. I bet you’ve met the evil bastard. His name is self-doubt.  One of the TWO biggest reasons why people quit network marketing and give up on their dreams. Most people simply don’t believe they can do it. Now, here’s the […]

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Your Personal Brand – Why You Need One & What It Can Do For You

Who are you? REALLY? Who do your prospects think you are? What do they think you do? How do they think you can help them? How are you showing up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram? How are you showing up in emails and messages? Are you showing up the same way, consistently and constantly across platforms? Or are you showing up as Frankenstein some […]

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Network Marketers: You ever wish it was easier?

There were days, many of them, when I would crash on my bed in exhaustion. Feeling totally defeated and like a complete failure. Because nobody wants to join. And the few “hot” prospects I have, changed their mind. I’d lie there staring at the ceiling, wrestling with these thoughts… Am I crazy for doing this thing? Should just call it […]

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To Grow BIG… Go Small

This morning as I was doing my yoga, and the instructor talked about something that I’ve heard tons of times. But it hit me differently today! It really made me think about how this concept is totally true for business. She talked about the concept of grounding down to rise up. And I got to thinking… “That’s exactly what […]

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6 Things Every Network Marketer Should Do Daily

Are you doing these 6️ things every day❓There are 6 key activities every network marketer needs to do daily to build a rock solid foundation for your business.Today I’m going to…✅ reveal exactly what each one of these business building tasks are✅ show you what I do each day to get them done✅ give you […]

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