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A Powerful Lesson from Santa Claus… About You and Your Business!

Have you seen him? I did. He was all over the place this weekend. It’s CRAZY! I know… Thanksgiving is barely over… And he was EVERYWHERE. TV, newspapers, magazines… He’s representing cars, electronics, housewares, toys. You name it — there he is. Of course I’m talking about Santa Claus. So, as I got thinking about this… I realized that jolly ole’ St. Nick is a powerhouse of personal […]

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How to Create a Powerful Visual Identity to Grow Your Business

How would you rate your Visual Identity? Do your prospects and customers recognize your brand the minute they see a post, video, article, blog, etc? In this podcast, I’ll be interviewing Ian Bower, an expert in the area of… Creating A Great Visual Identity You’ll learn…What is visual identity and why should brands be so concerned with it.How you go […]

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SAS Glorious Network Explosion

There’s a MAJOR Explosion in the Network Marketing Industry! Why? Simple. Because this is something no one has ever before brought to the MLM World. EVER. TODAY not only are you about to get your hands on a landing page/website/funnel system that will take over the market…For nothing. Zip. Nada. You’re also getting underground training from a master of traffic who […]

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Don’t fix what ain’t broken!

“Don’t listen to a word I say.” That’s what a mentor of mine used to say. He followed that with… “Take what I say, try it. What works for you keep. What doesn’t, don’t.” Now those are words to live by. So no matter who’s giving you the advice… Your upline, your upline’s upline… A coach, a trainer, or some “guru”… Take what […]

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The 3 Cardinal Sins of Sales

It was absolutely shocking to me!! I’ll get to that in a second, but first I have to explain. One of the things I do really well is snoop. Yep!! I’m confessing. And if you’re not a world class snoop you should be. OK… it’s not really snooping… It’s learning from the Masters. (There, doesn’t that sound better and far more professional. And […]

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