Meet Gloria

Professional Coach and Trainer Teaching Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs How to Attract Prospects, Customers, and Team Members to Your Business with EASE!

Gloria MacDonald

I help you learn how to draw Prospects, Clients, Customers, and Team Members to you using the Two Most Powerful Tools on the planet. The power of the Internet, combined with Your Energy. With almost 20 years of a corporate background in Marketing, and as a Certified Life Mastery Consultant, I work with you to help you grow your business to reach your dreams. I help you understand how to believe in, and depend on, your unlimited potential. How much could you really achieve and accomplish if you tapped into your intuitive knowledge and the full capacity of your creativity?

As a Mentor and Guide, I’m here to help you connect with that self-trust and internal knowing that’s already intrinsically yours. I support you in moving forward when the “old you” would rather quit and take the easy way out.

In this moment you’re standing at the threshold of an amazing life. It’s time for you to walk across that threshold to finally achieve your dreams with clarity and confidence – no matter how big your dreams may be.

As well as working with clients who are just getting their businesses off the ground, I work with six figure and multiple six figure income earners.

One client was making on average $360,000 a year when we started working together.  After working together for just 6 months she increased her annual income to $500,000. She’s now well on her way to reaching her goal of making $1 Million next year. Another client had struggled for 3 years in her business. In the first year of working together she quadrupled her business, and it’s still constantly growing! Another client made $120,000 in her first year of working with me, and now a year later will make well over $250,000. These are just a few examples of the results clients are having. (Disclaimer: I cannot make any representation of the results you may or may not have. Each person and their circumstances are individual and unique.)

With today’s technology it doesn’t matter where you live. I have clients in Australia, Germany, Chile, Mexico, and the UK, as well as all over North America including New York, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

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