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The Thrilling Money-Making Trifecta

If you follow me at all you know that I'm always looking for the best business opportunities.

There are lots of amazing companies out there with great products, however just because the products are great doesn't mean it's the best income opportunity.


That's the thing that I'm really enthusiastic about!

I look for things where everyone has an opportunity to make money. I

Today, I have a trifecta to share with you. Three of, in my opinion, the best money-making opportunities out there.

#1 Nexus Rewards

I love Nexus Rewards! There’s a $40 one-time fee for life and it's $9.95 a month. I can absolutely guarantee you that if you're using any of the products and services that are available, you will way more than $10 a month.

In fact, the average US household can save anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 a year with Nexus Rewards.

The company is all about saving money on things that we buy every single day. So, I'm getting cash back literally on everything I spend money on.

I've got team members that are saving $1,700 a year on their auto insurance, among other discounts using the Bill Reduction Program.

Nexus is even better because it has a 100% passive income with its forced matrix. As part of the comp plan, you don't have to recruit a soul or sell, and you have the possibility to make money.

Now, it will happen over time. It will not happen in two months or four months and probably not even in six months but over time over several years, you have the possibility to make up to $2,460 a month in with the forced matrix without doing anything.

#2 Think Energy

I invite you to watch this video so you can learn all about it.

Think Energy has an annual fee of $59 if you want to be a distributor/energy advisor. After that, there are no monthly payments.

The beauty of Think Energy is that we're helping consumers reduce their utility bills and the consumer doesn't have to pay a dime out of pocket. The ability to save money depends upon where you live and your current situation.

#3 Rubi AI

The third piece of this Trifecta is a powerful tool. In fact, it's the most powerful tool that I've seen in the AI space so far.

The reason I love Rubi AI so much is because with this powerful AI tool, you can be super-efficient and creative while saving so much time in building your business. In particular, if you go with my recommendations – your Nexus and Think Energy businesses!

Rubi AI is a network marketing opportunity so there's a Compensation Plan involved. For me personally, the superpower in Rubi AI is not so much about building the business. There are people out there who love building the business and that's fine. But for me personally I think that the business opportunities for Nexus Rewards and Think Energy are stronger than the business opportunity for Rubi.   

Rubi AI is the most powerful and cost-effective AI tool I’ve seen.

Learn more about Rubi AI here. And sign up for Rubi AI here.

So, there you have it - the Nirvana of network and affiliate marketing. This is the perfect trifecta.

Nexus Rewards and Think Energy for incredible income opportunities and then Ruby AI for an AI platform that will blow the doors off anything else you've seen.

Of course, there are no guarantees because the amount of income you make is totally dependent upon the effort you put in, the work you put in and how committed you are.

Check out the links below and I can't wait to see you on the team. I'm here to help you every step of the way with these opportunities. I take really good care of you because I care about helping you so that you can fulfill your dreams and finally see results.

Celebrating Your Success!


DISCLAIMER: I make no income claims, and I cannot guarantee any income with any program or opportunity I share. Any and all income examples I share are just examples of the potential income you could create with the programs and opportunities that I share. Examples and past results do not guarantee future results.

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