How to Create More Success Without Working More, featuring Amy Kemp - Gloria MacDonald

How to Create More Success Without Working More, featuring Amy Kemp

In this podcast episode, I have a conversation with Amy Kemp, the owner and CEO of Amy Kemp, Inc., where she assists leaders and business professionals in understanding how deeply ingrained thought patterns influence their work and lives.

Together, we delve into how we've achieved greater success without increasing our workload or working harder.

As hinted at in Amy's introduction, our focus will be on how our subconscious mind subtly influences every aspect of our lives without our awareness.

As Amy wisely puts it, "You can't outwork your thought habits," but you can utilize your thoughts strategically.

Tune in below as we explore some of the insights shared in her book, "I See You - A Guide for Women to Make More, Have More, and Be More - Without More Work!"

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