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Sales & Marketing Strategies that Work – for Network and Affiliate Marketers, with guest Marla Koupal

I’m a firm believer in recruiting in ways that negate the risk of rejection, but let’s face it, a sprinkle of sales skills is key to rocking network and affiliate marketing. Oh, and don’t forget the magic touch of marketing to ignite curiosity in potential prospects! In this podcast episode, Marla Koupal and I spill the beans […]

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Stop Struggling, Start Recruiting.

Have you struggled in network marketing or affiliate marketing?  You’re not alone! Trust me – I’ve been there.  Now, we all struggle in all sorts of ways… And a lizard on the vacuum hose in my pool was struggling too. Can I just say that these Arizona lizards don’t seem to be the sharpest knives in the […]

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This can TRANSFORM Your Business!

This is a quick story about an experiment, smoke & a lizard… Stay with me – there’s an important message that can transform your business… The other day, I had a brilliant idea! (The hubby always gets scared when that happens.) I decided I was going to tackle making sourdough bread. So I did what every intelligent person does… I […]

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