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Harnessing the Facebook Algorithm for Business Growth; Three Effective Strategies

Like any social media platform, Facebook uses an algorithm. As business owners, we have to figure out how to work with the algorithm.

My colleague and team member, Cindy Strong has been using Facebook to build her business for a long time.  I sat down with her and discussed her three best tips to get the algorithm working for you.

I’m going to share those three tips with you here.

Top Three Tips To Use The Algorithm To Your Advantage
Tip #1 – Use a Daily Method of Operation (DMO) and Be Consistent!

Here’s what Cindy does in her DMO:

Scroll down the feed and spend about 15 minutes commenting on other people's posts. This will start the algorithm moving. Facebook really likes you to be social, so engaging with people is important. We’re basically telling Facebook information about who we want to see our posts and whose post we want to see.

Side note – This is assuming you’re using your Facebook profile to build your business. If your Facebook friends are your real friends and you somebody that had a wedding or their son got married or those types of situations – consider sending them a direct message of congratulations, but don't get into a conversation with them on Facebook. Because then Facebook is going to keep showing you their posts and if we’re using Facebook to build a business, we want to see posts of people that you want to market to.

Next, look for people to become new Facebook friends with that meet your target audience. Those are the people that you want to get into conversations with on Facebook. So write a congratulatory (five words or more) comment on their wedding post!

Now – listen - you do not want to accept friend requests from everybody and their brother. Nor do you want to ask everybody and their brother to be your friend. You want to train the Facebook algorithm who exactly is your target market, so you should definitely vet them.  Check out their profile and make sure that they're in business and/or that they're in your target market. Make sure it’s a real account and don’t accept or request anyone that seems sketchy.

If you start accepting or requesting people not in your target market, it's going confuse the algorithm. To vet them, look at their profile and make sure you clearly see that they're in network or affiliate marketing, or in your target market. Check to see if they’ve posted within the last week or so. Lastly, be very careful with people that don't have a lot of friends because sometimes that can mean that it's a fake account.

Side note - There's an option to delete a person as a suggested friend or to send them a friend request. This is another way you can tell the algorithm who you’re looking for. Once you start sending the people that you want in your world friend requests, Facebook is going to start showing you more and more of those people.

Next, try to connect with any new Facebook friends (that are your target audience). Maybe keep a list of those people because if they don’t show up in your feed, and they may not, you want to take the initiative and go directly to their profile to engage with them.

Comment on a new post. Check out what groups they're in. If they're in network marketing, they're going to be in network marketing groups so that's another way to engage with them. Go to the network marketing groups and comment on their posts in there, if there are any.

Side note – it’s best to comment on a post that has like three comments on it already. People oftentimes scroll down and look at the other comments, so when they start seeing your name over and over or your interesting comment, they're going to check you out.

Join groups that your target audience will be in. As an example, join some Network Marketing groups. Go into those groups daily and comment on some posts using the same tactics we’ve already discussed.

Tip #2 – Perfect Your Profile

You also want to make sure that your entire profile is business related and depicts exactly what you do and who you’re trying to attract.

Make sure your profile picture and banner (cover photo) look professional. Make sure the picture is of YOU (not your kids, not an avatar). Make sure your Bio Section and About You section have key messaging and that you include valid links.

You want to look like you're in business, but not have your business all over the place. Don’t put a picture or the name of your company on your banner but have your headline on it. In it, say how you're helping people - brand yourself.

Remember - you never know if you're with a company that ends up going out of business. If you’ve branded yourself and NOT the company, you can pivot easily.

I know this is hard for a lot of people, but if you're going to use Facebook for marketing keep everything on your profile about exactly that – business. You want to drive people to your business.

Tip #3 – Utilize Birthday Messaging

One of the most important things to utilize to make Facebook work for you is birthday messaging.

There is a way to message people on their birthday using an automation that can touch people four times within a 14-day period.  Using this builds your algorithm. It starts conversations with people. All you need to do is respond back – even with just a heart. Or to go bigger, you can ask them what they did for their birthday.

Utilizing this birthday messaging is also a marketing tool. It is by far one of the easiest things you can do to build your algorithm.

Cindy told me that before this tool, she had never been able to get people to respond to her on Facebook. When she started using this, she got so excited because people were responding to her! And when she started responding to the people that responded back, she recruited four people that first month! 

Within the two-and-a-half-month period, she had recruited 21 people!

She had built up her algorithm and people were starting to message her. It started happening all at once because of the birthday messaging.

If you’re interested in this, you want to get signed up with Cindy because Cindy is amazing at helping you get set up. It’s just $15 a month - that's less than 50 cents a day!

Cindy charges $47 to get her help getting it set up. It’s a one time but if you need to change something or something isn’t working right, she is more than willing to help.

Get signed up with Cindy here.

I highly recommend you get signed up today! Trust me - if you are serious about building your network marketing business using Facebook, you have got to have this tool. It’s so crazy inexpensive and with Cindy's help, you don't need to understand the technology!

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