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4 Things To Consider Before Joining Any Company; And Why Nexus Rewards Is Such A Great Opportunity

If you follow me at all, you know that I am passionate about multiple streams of income AND I look at TONS of opportunities.  Because I’m always looking for ones I can recommend to my team and clients.

I came across a video the other day, with a gentleman who went over these 4 things. Now, his opinion of some things and might may different – but he was right! These are things we should consider, and I believe it’s important enough to share with you.

There are four things I think you need to think about before you join any company. And in this article, I’m going to go over these AND show you how Nexus snap (Nexus Rewards) meets all four and is such an amazing company to join.

#1 Will the company be along for the long-haul?

There are a lot of companies that start out well but aren’t built with the structure to stand the test of time.

The way you're going to make the most income with any business is over time.  That’s why I don't want to get involved in things that will grow really quickly and then crash. The big money is made through longevity. 

I absolutely believe that Nexus Snap is built for longevity. Art and Rob Phelps, who are the founders, are rock solid in building this company to withstand longevity. The way the Nexus snap Compensation Plan is built will give it the ability to stand the test of time.

#2 Does the company have a real location?

Now, the man on the video thought in order to join a business, they should have a physical location. I differ on that opinion.

Let's be honest - in this day and age you can do so much online that you really can run any business virtually. So, I don’t believe a company needs a physical location to be legitimate at all.

And in terms of Nexus Snap, that goes double. Nexus products are all digital products. There’s no need for a warehouse to keep products, so everything can be done virtually!

#3 Is the product something that everyone can use and want?

This I agree with 100%! The best companies to join are ones that have a product that almost anyone can use, and tons of people want. It’s called demand, right? This goes right back to longevity. The right products will help the company stay around a long time.

Nexus Snap’s products and services are all about saving money. Who doesn’t want to save money???

I’ve talked with lots of people who have saved a significant amount using the Nexus benefits. Here’s just a few I’ve started compiled from real people:

  • Car insurance - saved $230.
  • Gas - saving 9-15 cents a gallon.
  • Prescriptions - was $88 a month with insurance, with NX RX program only $20.
#4 Are there customers?

Of course, there have to be customers! But I think his point here is that if the business is not structured where there have to be customers to sell to, it can be viewed as a pyramid scheme. And let’s face it – without customers – what kind of business can you build?

There are lots of current customers of Nexus Snap. And there’s lots of customers because of the benefits that come with signing up!

Customers can save money with:

  • bill reduction service (think utilities, cell phone, utilities)
  • various Insurance programs (think medical, dental, life, home, auto)
  • shopping discounts
  • fuel and restaurant discounts.
  • and more

When you sign up for the premium program, it is literally impossible not to save more money than you're spending…as long as you’ve actively taking advantage of the savings.

There you have it – those are the four things that you should consider before joining Nexus Snap (Nexus Rewards) …or any other company.

I can't recommend strongly enough that you check it out if you have any desire to save money at all.

Whether you want to be solely a customer and use the savings…or you want to use the savings AND build a business, Nexus is it!

You can learn more here

And you can sign up here – www.GloriaMacDonald.com/Rewards

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