If You Are Not Involved In THIS, You're Missing Out BIG time! - Gloria MacDonald

If You Are Not Involved In THIS, You’re Missing Out BIG time!

Recently I heard one of the cofounders say that the average family can save from $2,000 to $5,000 a year using all the various different programs inside of Nexus Rewards.

Who doesn’t want to save money?? Right?

Today I'm going to share the diverse ways you can start saving big with Nexus Rewards.

First, there are three free Bonus Apps, which in and of themselves are amazing! People are saving literally hundreds of dollars a year with these free apps alone.

#1 Rakuten

I have personally earned over $800 cash back within the last 12 months with Rakuten.

Rakuten is available in the US and a large variety of countries worldwide. And when you share Rakuten with someone else, you get $30.

#2 Upside

I recently just started using this app and the highest savings I’ve seen at the gas station that's closest to me is 54 cents off per gallon. Today when I checked, it was 29 cents off per gallon.

That savings racks up quickly and is significant. Now, the savings depend on where you live and what gas station you go to, but you can save significantly on gas.

It’s not just gas either - recently my husband and I were out at a restaurant, and I got 16% cash back using this upside app. I also saw a grocery store near me where I was going to get 16% cash back on any groceries I purchased.

#3 Fetch

The fetch app works off of receipts. Whether you're purchasing things online, going to the grocery store or any other store, you upload the receipt to earn points. As you earn points, you can receive cash back or gift cards.

You can also link your email, amazon and Walmart accounts that will allow you to earn points online. You just go in, and the points will load.

Those are the three bonus apps. They’re all amazing in and of themselves. I have just two in my household, and I've already gotten over $800 cash back in the last 12 months from Rakuten alone.

But it gets WAY better!

There are exclusive premium member apps that you definitely want to know about. For a $40 one-time fee (you never pay that again) and then $9.95 a month, you can get these premium apps.

So, if you can save anywhere $2,000 to $5,000 a year is it worth it to for you to pay $40 one time for life and $9.95 a month? I definitely think so!

The premium apps are located in the Nexus benefits Hub. We have the world's largest selection of discounts, rewards, and lifestyle benefits. Currently 23% of Fortune 500 companies give these benefits to their employees, so this is significant.

You can save money on:

  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Travel
  • Electronics
  • Cell Phones
  • Medications

I have a team member that is saving over $1,700 a year on his car insurance.

I was looking at laptops since I’m going to need a new one soon, and there are savings of up to 54% off on different brand names.

Bill Reduction Program

There’s also the bill reduction program. It’s so easy! You just upload your monthly bill, and they negotiate a discount for you. Now it depends upon what state you live in (only in the US right now) but the savings have been huge.

You can save on:

  • Electricity Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Internet Bill
  • Cell phone Bill

I have one member who's saving over $120 a month on his cable, internet, and cell phone bill. I've got another team member who's saving over $250 a year on one bill alone.

So, the bill reduction service is incredibly significant. I hope you can see how totally worth it Nexus Snap is. If you're saving $250 a year on one bill and you're only paying $9.95 a month for this premium membership, that alone makes it worth it. And there’s so much more!

I've got team members who are bringing the cost of their medications down by $100 a

Month. You can save up to 90% off prescription medications. Now it just depends on what medications you and family members are on so you join and everybody in your household can take advantage of this.

Shopping Boss

This is another shopping app. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of brand names in here that you can get savings on.


If you use zoom, you can get the paid version for $12.99 per month - the regular price is $40 a month. So right there if you've got the paid version of Zoom this is going to save you way more than what you're spending on the monthly membership fee of $9.95 a month.

I can see how it's a piece of cake honestly to save $2,000 to $5,000 a year and I'm just looking at a household of two people - not a household you know with kids where you're spending more money on various different things.


If you are not signed up for the premium membership of Nexus rewards and the Nexus SNAP program, you want to get signed up right now! Start saving big!

Sign up here – www.GloriaMacDonald.com/Rewards

Can’t wait to see you inside!

Celebrating Your Success,


DISCLAIMER: I make no income claims, and I can not guarantee any income with any program or opportunity I share. Any and all income examples I share are just examples of the potential income you could create with the programs and opportunities that I share. Examples and past results do not guarantee future results.

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