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My Rejection-Free Success Formula

I just got an email the other day from a guy named Peter – the email basically said that he saw one of my YouTube videos and he has no knowledge about how to recruit members and help them recruit members, so I might not want him on my team…But do I have a way to help people like him who have no recruiting experience…

Well Peter and everyone else…

The answer to that is yes 1,000 %!

I also got a text message recently from someone who said they had tried and tried and have never been successful in this business.  She said she had no friends left that to talk to…

Let me tell you – I get it!  I've been there. I've done that.

These are not unusual.  I’m asked daily if I can help people if they join my team.  The answer is always YES.

What I'm showing you now is what you get when you join me in any of my teams (I consider all teams “my team”). 

I'm absolutely done watching people struggle in this industry.

I am done seeing people who can't afford to retire who've worked hard so hard all their lives.

I am done looking at people who desperately want to quit their jobs but can't make enough in their business to fire their boss.

I am done watching people spend more money on auto ships just to stay active when they can barely make ends meet.

And I'm done seeing people give up on their dreams because they haven't been able to build a team.

I'm done with people struggling with all the rejection.

Here’s my solution – my success formula!

Welcome to my 100% rejection-free recruiting system.  

Here’s my solution – my success formula!

This is the key to success in Nexus snap, LiveGood, GotBackUp or any team! 

When you sign up with me, you get bonuses.  I want to help you start making money right away so I'm going to support you in that.  

Here are those bonuses:

Bonus #1

Access to our team tools and resources website. I've got tools all kinds of tools for every program that I'm involved in.

Bonus #2

Free training on how to use LinkedIn to build your business.  This includes how to target people who are looking for opportunities – I’m talking about highly qualified.  This training is very detailed.

Bonus #3

Completely written for you messages to use on LinkedIn, no matter what company you’ve joined with me (specific messages for Nexus Snap, LiveGood, GotBackUp, etc.).   If you can copy and paste, you can build your business.  I've done a lot of the work for you. 

I'm giving you exactly what I'm using to become the number one recruiter in Nexus snap, to be number 13 on the leaderboard in LiveGood.  And might I add – a whole bunch of people that are above me on the leaderboard in LiveGood are paying for ads, which I don’t do.   I want to prove that anyone can build a solid business, so I'm not spending $20,000-$50,000 a month on paid ads.  I'm not spending a dime on paid ads, and I don't recommend you do either.

Bonus #4

A variety of LinkedIn banners already made for you to choose from.

Bonus #5

Completely written for you messages to use on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any platform. 

Bonus #6

An automated system to use on Facebook using Facebook Messenger.  This is crazy powerful. I've written all the messages for you. I've created images for you. You literally can set it and forget it and it runs in the background on autopilot.

Bonus #7

A deep dive training on YouTube.  YouTube is by far my number one source for new team members.  That’s why I want to train you on it.  I know not everybody's going to use YouTube which is why I also train on LinkedIn and Facebook.  And I've made over a million dollars on LinkedIn – not kidding.  But this is why I train on all the platforms that have worked best for me – LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. 

 And…you hardly have to spend any money!  If you use the automated tool for Facebook, you have to pay $19 a month but that’s it! LinkedIn and YouTube can be used totally free!

Seriously though, if you're not using YouTube, you are missing out big time.

Bonus #8

Done for you funnels.  I've got three different funnels for Nexus, I've got a couple different funnels for LiveGood and GotBackUp.  I’ve got funnels for all the opportunities I'm involved in. I've got some funnels that work for multiple businesses to increase interest and totally automate your prospecting process.   

Each funnel includes a landing page, and a series of five follow-up emails I've written for you.  This is another way for you to be recruiting literally while you sleep.

Bonus #9

Each week, I do a variety of different calls.  I have calls for all/most of the businesses I’m involved in.  These special interactive team training Zoom calls is where you can talk to me directly.  I'll answer questions and do training. 

Plus, you’ll get access to my weekly 100% rejection-free recruiting Q&A calls.  This is where I do deep dives into how you can automate your prospecting and recruiting system.  And how you can start recruiting 100% rejection-free right now.

If you're one of those people that's written their list of a 100 people so many times nobody will talk to you anymore…great because the first thing I tell you to do is take that list of 100 people and tear it up and throw it out.  This is about recruiting rejection-free.

Having said all that - there's only one way to recruit and that's the way that works for you. 

So, if you're great at Facebook then I want to help you optimize your Facebook.  If you love LinkedIn, I want to help you optimize LinkedIn.  If you've never done anything on LinkedIn but it sounds intriguing to you (because it is one insanely powerful platform) I want to help you dig into LinkedIn.  If you're scared about YouTube but you think gee that sounds amazing, I want to help you get started on YouTube.  If you are amazing at Old School belly to belly - great keep doing it!  But I am here to support you no matter how you want to build.

I am passionate about my 100% rejection-free recruiting system because it works.  There's a reason why I'm the number one recruiter in Nexus and 13 on the leaderboard in LiveGood. 

Bonus #10

Coming soon!  I’m working on helping you create your own fully personalized website with an AI powered chatbot to engage your prospects and direct them to take action to find out about and sign up for the right opportunity for them.  I’m so excited about this! This website is very inexpensive ($49.95).

I've done all the work to set up the chatbot and I'm creating the website template so it can be personalized for you.  But it's all done for you.  You just tell us if you want a bio section, and you tell us what you want us to say about you and we'll put it in there.

The site can have all the opportunities you’ve in.  The chatbot will know how to guide people through.  On mine, I'm promoting all four of my opportunities.  This is crazy powerful, and we’ll be rolling this out very soon.

All of this is so exciting!  Isn’t it??  

Well, it is to me.  

I’m super excited to provide all these resources, tools, and training to my team members.  There’s nothing I want more than to see you succeed!  And not just because it helps me succeed – because I want YOU to build the team of your dreams!

So…if you're interested in all of this – join one of my teams!  Or all of them!

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