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The Key to Achieving Online Success in 2024

Regardless of whether you’ve just started in your business or you’ve been doing it for a while, you might be wondering what the key to success for 2024 is.

Today, I’m going to be very frank with you. I’m going to tell you the key to success in 2024.

Now, while it’s true that there are variables that need to be considered – like the product or service that you're promoting, finding the right person or the right team to join, the Compensation Plan, etc. – they all play a part in the success…

But here’s the REAL online success formula…

This formula could apply to absolutely any area of life – business, health, relationships and much more.

It’s always great to set and write down your top goals and intentions for their year. Let's say your goal is to make $10,000 a month…

First, what you want is what money will bring you so having Clarity is super important.

Second, you can say as many mantras as you want and you can repeat as many affirmations as you want, however you must have Visualization for it to happen. What are you going to be doing with that $10,000 or more a month?

Then, you have to be able to Feel what it will be like to be making $10,000 a month. I call it five sensorizing. Feeling how your life is going to be when you meet that goal - you have to experience it.

  1. What are you going to be seeing?
  2. What are you going to be physically touching?
  3. What are you going to be tasting?
  4. What will things smell and sound like?

Walt Disney talked about imagineering - that he imagineered everything before it became a reality. I can guarantee you that in this time space reality of ours, everything is created twice.

First, it's created in thought and only after it's created in thought Can it possibly be created in form.

As something as simple as the pen I can see next my keyboard…it had to be created in thought first. Someone had to come up with the concept of how it would look, how it would write, what color ink, etc. - every detail had to be created in thought first before it was created in form.

You might think you want to make $10,000 or more a month…and that's great…but what is the feeling you’ll have when it happens? How will your life change? What experiences will you have? What will you be eating? You must attach feeling to it to create it.

Next, when you have the clarity, visualization AND feel the feeling consistently then - and only then - can you create success.

I have a perfect example. I imagineered the house I’m living in right now. I went through this process to make it a reality.

I had such clarity about where I wanted to live. I visualized what life would be like –

  • I'd be playing golf, we'd be having friends visit us,
  • I felt the heat of the sun on my skin as I was sitting by the pool (we’re in the desert).
  • I heard the sounds of our friends’ voices.
  • I heard the sounds of my husband and I talking.
  • I smelled burgers or steak grilling on the barbecue.
  • I heard the sounds of ice clinking in a glass as we're sitting out by the pool entertaining friends.

I went through this whole visualization process, felt the excitement of actually living here and I did it consistently. By that I mean I did it multiple times a day – I’m talking at least five times a day.

I would just stop what I was doing and for five minutes or so, I would close my eyes and imagine the things I stated above. I saw and felt us living in this house. I imagineered myself cooking meals in the kitchen. I imagineered myself being in the pool in the backyard and I felt the feeling the excitement. 

And then voila – I found this house, our offer was accepted, and I started packing.

This is the way business works too!

Kudos to you if you've written down your goals, aspirations, and intentions for 2024. But that’s just the first step!

Don’t just write down that you want to make $x amount of money or get to a certain rank because that's not going to have enough emotion and visualization behind. It's great to have that Clarity - don’t get me wrong…but you have to put more behind it.  

You need to really live the experience. You have to walk through that experience, and you must feel it and you must do it consistently. Make time every day of your life to visualize and feel the emotion behind whatever it is you want.

Joe Dispenza says that the clarity of thought sends the energy out and the feeling draws it back into manifestation. Into reality! Into success!

This applies in every area of life. Let’s say you've got a hip, knee or a foot that's hurting you. This exact same formula applies - have Clarity of what that whole healthy knee is. Visualize yourself doing whatever you're doing when you don't have any pain in your knee.  Visualize yourself walking freely, playing golf freely or playing tennis or pickle ball (whatever you’ll do).

I encourage you to take some time to write down what it is you want to create in your life this year - what you want to manifest in your life. However, don’t just put down a dollar amount or a rank. Also, write down what you’re going to do when you get there and how it will feel.

My wish for you is that this helps you get started on your success in 2024.

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Hope to see you soon!

Celebrating Your Success!


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