Does The Comp Plan REALLY Make A Difference? - Gloria MacDonald

Does The Comp Plan REALLY Make A Difference?

I get asked all the time if the comp plan really makes a difference.

I mean let's be honest...

Aren't the big earners always going to be "the big earners" and the little guys are going to barely eek by?

My answer to that is yes... and NO!

Traditionally, that's been totally true.

In fact, it's been a challenge in the industry for 65 years.

Yes, it's been true that most people in the network/affiliate space don't make anywhere near enough to live on.

But with the industry over all struggling and in total turmoil...

A handful of leaders are rocking the boat.

I recently sat down with one of those people, a Co-Founder of a new, hot off the presses company.

You'll want to hear what he has to say.

I LOVE what they're doing!  Kudos to them for truly shaking things up.

BTW, this is a global project.

Be sure to check out the video here.

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