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The Rank Advance Formula

A colleague, who’s an multiple 7-figure earner, says the people ask him… “How long will it take to get to _______ [fill in the blank… Gold, Platinum, Diamond,… whatever rank]?” OR… “How many people do I have to talk to to get to _______?” His response is always the same. “ENOUGH.” “I don’t know. Whatever enough is. It will take enough […]

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The #1 Most Important Thing To Consider When Joining A Company

What’s the #1 most important thing for you to consider when looking for or joining a new project? Hint:It’s not the product.It’s not the people.It’s not the comp plan.It’s TIMING! Ask yourselves:Where are the opportunities you’re involved in in their growth curve?Are they flat?Are they on the decline? Or are they growing?And what rate are they growing […]

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If Network Marketing And A.I. Had A Baby…

What do you get when Network Marketing and A.I. have a baby? Normally, when someone asks you a question like that, it’s a lead up to a joke. Well, this is no joke. It’s seriously cool stuff. I’m talking super cool. Because people are pitching me on new stuff literally every day…It takes a LOT to impress me. But I’m […]

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Does The Comp Plan REALLY Make A Difference?

I get asked all the time if the comp plan really makes a difference. I mean let’s be honest… Aren’t the big earners always going to be “the big earners” and the little guys are going to barely eek by? My answer to that is yes… and NO! Traditionally, that’s been totally true. In fact, it’s been a challenge in the […]

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