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Who to Trust in Network and Affiliate Marketing?

I learn a lot from my good friend, Sue. 

She makes me think about things I've never considered before.

She lives on a dairy farm. 

On Tuesday she sent me a message...

"17 bulls on the truck heading to market. No one got hurt. Very blessed."

Now I've never lived on a dairy farm and the first thing I think of is what it must be like to deal with 17 of those 1800 lb. beasts without getting skewered!!!

The next thought that occurs to me is...


She said "heading to market"....

Which kind of market?????

Are they going to be sold as bulls for breeding?

Are they going to be sold to turn into beef?

Think about it... if you're the bull, that's a pretty serious question!

Studs or steaks?????

(Unfortunately, for these guys, I found out it was the later, not the former.)


It got me thinking of my own such cattle....not REALLY cattle.

But my team.  My clients.  My followers.  

The people that look to me for advice.  For companies and opportunities in their business.

Do they think I'm leading them to slaughter???

Trust me when I tell you, I have absolutely NO intention of leading you to the slaughter.

I don't share with you something I'm not doing, or haven't tested out myself.

I have been in the position of signing up for things people recommended and then getting slaughtered myself!

So I may sure anything I sure with my peeps is, to the best of my ability, gold.

And I won't recommend you sign up, until I've signed up. 

And...I almost always talk with the owner of the company first to make sure the company meets my criteria.

Most recently, I've been focused on considering multiple streams of passive and residual income.

I won't consider anything less.


I have two top picks.

Both have passive income components and residual (ongoing monthly) income components.

(By the way, passive and residual income are two very different things.)

This is my top pick for totally Passive Income:

I created a special video just to explain how the passive income works because this opportunity is often very misunderstood.

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And this is my top pick for incredible Ongoing Monthly Income:

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I hope to welcome you on my team soon!  Not only can you 100% trust me, but you get all my tools, tricks, advice in group calls, Facebook groups and much more.

I hold nothing back!

Celebrating Your Success!


I make no income claims, and I can not guarantee any income with any program or opportunity I share. Any and all income examples I share are just examples of the potential income you could create with the programs and opportunities that I share. Examples and past results do not guarantee future results.

Gloria MacDonald

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