How I Built a Team of 110,182 People in 26 Weeks; 6 Ways to Prospect & Recruit - Gloria MacDonald

How I Built a Team of 110,182 People in 26 Weeks; 6 Ways to Prospect & Recruit

Everyone is always looking for the “magic pill” or some secret that top earners have that they don’t.

I remember not all that long ago when I was really struggling to build online, and I couldn't figure out what the big guns were doing that I wasn’t.

I was SURE there was something missing, and if I could just figure out what it was, I would be successful too.

Luckily for me, I did figure it out.

And great news for you, I’m going to share it with you.

It’s what I call “layering”.

If we want to be more official about it’s called multi-channel marketing.

Basically, you can’t rely on just one source for prospecting and recruiting if you want to get to that golden 6-figure income.  And if you want to get there as quickly as possible.

WARNING:  None of these prospecting and recruiting strategies will bring you instant success.

Before we go any further, let’s address a few questions I get all the time.


Is it possible to start getting leads within a few days to a week with most of these?  YES!

Will a few leads turn into the sales and recruits you need to be earning $10,000 a month?  NO!

How long will it take to get to consistently making 5-figures a month?  It took me a year working more than full-time on my business -- I’m talking about 14 hour+ days and working 7 days a week -- with what appeared to be little to no results, then all of a sudden, in the 13th month everything came together, and I hit the magical number.  And I’ve never looked back.

How long will it take YOU to get there?  That depends on where you’re starting from, how much you’re willing to sacrifice, how much time you’re willing to put in each and every day consistently doing effective things to move your business forward. 

Do I have to do all 6 of these strategies to build a significant business?  No, you don’t have to do all 6.  However, if you do just one, you’re highly unlikely to get to your goals.  The more of these strategies you layer on the more successful you’ll be.

Let’s dig into how I built a team of 110,182 people in 26 weeks from ZERO.

Here are…

6 Ways to Prospect & Recruit


What?????  Really?????  Yes! 

I know most people don’t think about podcasts as a way to prospect and recruit, but it’s all about the layering effect. 

You want to use different platforms and media to become known and build the all-important trusted authority factor.

You might be thinking…

  • But I’m a nobody.
  • I don’t know what to talk about.
  • No one would listen to me.
  • I don’t have an audience.

I get it.  And everyone has to start somewhere.

Remember, you don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to start to be great.

Start by interviewing people who are just a little bit beyond where you are in their journey to success.

People LOVE hearing real life stories!  People learn from hearing how other people have struggled and overcome even on little obstacle.

Do a podcast where you share 3 quick tips you learned from someone else.

Review a book you read on your podcast.

Invite authors to be guests.

Your podcast can be just 10 to 15 minutes long.

Be consistent!  Doing two podcasts a month is a great way to start.

Podcasts will not bring you instant success.  However, over a span of a couple of years the momentum grows, and the cumulative effect is worth the effort.

When you have enough experience and get known you can be a guest on other people’s podcasts.

Just two weeks ago someone reached out to me who found me from listening to someone else’s podcast that I was a guest on three years ago.  That 30-minute guest appearance has resulted in probably over $100,000 of revenue for me over 3 years.  Not bad for half an hour of work.

#2 – REELS

Facebook and Instagram reels are all the latest rage and they’re getting the most traction on the two platforms right now.

Unlike stories, reels aren’t taken down after 24 hours, so your views can keep going up and up.

Reels are just 30 seconds long max.  So, they don’t take long to do.  Don’t try to make them perfect.

If you’re going to do reels, be sure you have a call to action like “Comment below for more details.”  Or “PM me for the information.”

Be sure to use subtitles on all your reels because so many people watch them with the sound off.

The challenge with reels is that you need to be going back to them and checking for comments and responding.  If you don’t, you just wasted your time doing the reel.

If you’re going to do reels you need to do them much more often then podcasts.  Ideally, you’re going to do reels at least 3-5 days a week. Doing multiple reels, a day is also helpful.

Check out my NEW FREE Guide on Reels HERE. 


LinkedIn is still absolutely my number one platform for getting high quality leads. 

I love LinkedIn because it’s so easy to find your absolute ideal prospect through the search function.

Groups on LinkedIn are also extremely powerful and unlike groups on Facebook, without being connected to other members in the group you can still message them.

The real power of LinkedIn is in messaging. 

I use LinkedIn messaging to build my email list.

The strategy is to provide your prospects with value, value, value.  Offer them a free guide, free training, free recipes, tips, etc. in exchange for their name and email address.

If LinkedIn is still a mystery to you, no problem!  I’ve created what’s really a “LinkedIn Made Easy” program you can GRAB HERE.  


I LOVE YouTube!!!!  And you should too!

YouTube is my #1 place to recruit.

The beauty of YouTube, when you use it correctly, is that your ideal prospect has gone to YouTube looking for information on your specific subject. 

Depending on the opportunity, you can have people signing up and joining your team without you ever talking to them.  On a daily basis I have new team members who found me on YouTube signing up on autopilot.

For other opportunities, that require more explanation, you can get people booking on your calendar because they’ve watched a variety of videos.  They’ve already decided they want to join your opportunity and they want to join YOU and your team.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!  This is the ULTIMATE Rejection-Free Recruiting.

Just recording videos and putting them up on YouTube is never going to work.

You need to understand that YouTube is a Search Engine, and you need to understand how to do simple and easy keyword research to optimize your videos.

Is it worth the effort?


That’s why I created YouTube Profit Generating Secrets for you.  In this program we walk you step-by-step how to…

  • set up your YouTube channel
  • do keywork research
  • create eye-popping, attention-grabbing thumbnails
  • do easy-peasy video editing
  • add subtitles, clickable links
  • and so much MORE!

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Webinars, or Opportunity Calls, are the fastest way to build your team and recruit multiple people at one time.

You can generate more income in one hour from doing a webinar than just about anything else.

Do you need to have an audience to make this work?  YES!  And that’s exactly why it’s so important to use this layering strategy.

You want to use podcasts, reels, LinkedIn, and YouTube to draw prospects to you, and build your audience.

Webinars are so much easier to do than you think.

And I’ve made it even easier with my FREE Training, the 5 Figure an Hour Rapid Sales & Recruiting Master Class GET IT HERE. 


Every one of these strategies I’ve shared with you are all about communicating one-to-many.

It’s the fastest possible way to build a business.

It’s impossible to build a team of over 110,000 people in 26 weeks if you’re messaging one-to-one, making phone calls, or even doing one-on-one zooms.  There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Probably the single biggest contributor to my success has been building an email list and building a relationship with the people on that list by providing value and staying in touch on a regular basis.

I firmly believe if you don’t have an email list today, and you’re trying to build online, you don’t have a business.

Don’t leave your business and your life at the whim and mercy of any social media platform!

We’ve all heard stories about people who have had accounts shut down and couldn’t get them back up.  They’ve lost all of their connections in the blink of an eye.

If you feel like email marketing is your weakness, I’ve got you covered.  Check out my 30 Days to Writing Emails, Articles and Blogs HERE.

There you have it!  Those are the 6 ways I have been able to grow my team and business.  

I KNOW you can do it too...if you use the tools available to you.

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

Teaching Network Marketers & Entrepreneurs How To UNLEASH The Power Of LinkedIn To Build Your Business & Grow Your Team