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6 Little-known Ways to Increase LinkedIn Connections & Leads

Like every other social media platform LinkedIn is constantly changing and if you want to keep your business growing…

You’ve got to change and adapt with it.

LinkedIn is constantly cracking down on what it considers to be spam.

As much as this is a hassle, it’s really for our protection.

The GREAT news is, when you know how to use LinkedIn it’s still the single most powerful platform for generating the highest quality leads I’ve ever found.

And like every platform, you’ve got to know the tips, tricks, and secrets to keep your business going and growing!

LinkedIn has been limiting the number of people you can invite to connect with you through the traditional search method, however there are plenty of ways around this, and I’m about to show them to you.

6 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Connections & Leads

  1. Highly Targeted Search
  2. Connecting through Groups
  3. Accepting Invitations from Others
  4. Training the LinkedIn Algorithm to Serve Targeted Connections to You
  5. Connections of Your Connections
  6. People Who Have Viewed Your Profile

Watch the video below to see exactly how to implement each of these strategies.

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