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How to Catch & Recruit a “BIG Fish”

Doesn’t everyone want to catch a “BIG Fish”?

You know that person who’s going to bring ten thousand, twenty thousand, fifty thousand or more people to your downline and finally get you to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Heck, even “BIG Fish” want to catch “BIG Fish”!

But how on earth do you do it?

I get people asking me all the time…

“If I’m a nobody, how can I recruit that big somebody?”

I’m going to share my…

8 Secret RULES to Catching a “BIG Fish”

Read on and you can watch the video here.

Let me give you four different real-life examples of what’s happened to me with people trying to recruit me.

Case Study #1 – These Lucky Unlucky Guys

Just about a year ago I had a couple of guys approach me because they found me on the internet, and they wanted to join an opportunity they had heard me talking about.  We hopped on a zoom, had a great conversation, I really liked them, we hit it off and they joined.  Wonderful.

Right after they joined, we hopped on another zoom.  They had something they wanted to show me.  Fine.  I’m open.

They were brand new to the opportunity they wanted to tell me about.  They tried to explain it, but they totally lost me.  They sent me a corporate video that was full of hype, jargon and jibberish and I had no better sense of what this was all about.

They lost me.

My thought is, if they can’t explain it, and the corporate video can’t explain it in a way I understand, that’s a huge problem.  With over 40 years in the industry and having seen a TON of opportunities, I have a pretty good understanding of network marketing.

I might be able to recruit a bunch of people just because I’ve got a following of people who know, like and trust me.  But how on earth are my team members ever going to recruit anyone if they don’t understand it and can’t explain it?

RULE #1 To Catching a BIG Fish:  KNOWLEDGE

Know your stuff!!!! 

Be absolutely certain you really understand what you’re talking about.  This is especially true now in the world of network marketing opportunities in various technology and crypto currency niches.

OR… be sure you can share a video that does a great job of explaining exactly what the opportunity is.  It doesn’t have to be a slick corporate video.  In fact, they’re very often not the best videos.

Personally, I don’t want to get on a 3-way call or an opportunity call until after I’ve had a chance to watch a video to know if I’m even interested.  For me, if you don’t have a video I can watch at a time that’s convenient for me, forget it.  Other people will have other preferences.  Which brings me to…

RULE #2 To Catching a BIG Fish:  PREFERENCE

Know your prospect’s preference for learning about the opportunity and accommodate them!!!

If they want to watch a video… send them a video.

If they want to hop on a 3-way… set it up.

If they prefer phone vs. zoom or vice versa, use whatever method of communication they want.

If they want to join an opportunity call… invite them to one.

Find out if they prefer communication via email, text, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc., and cater to their desires.

Fast forward a year, my Lucky Unlucky Guys read an email I sent and reached out to me again.  Now with experience and a greater understanding of what they were doing and with better corporate videos, they were able to explain their opportunity to me in a way I could understand.

BINGO!!!!  I’m all in!

Which brings me to…

RULE #3 To Catching a BIG Fish:  CIRCLE BACK

Luckily for my guys, they did circle back with me when they had more experience and knowledge.

Unluckily for them, they waited too long!

I know it didn’t take them a full year to gain the understanding they now have.  Yes, I’m in, but they could have made a LOT more money if they had circled back with me sooner.

Don’t be afraid to circle back to someone a couple of months later.

Case Study #2 – The Pest

I somehow (probably through LinkedIn) I connected with this woman about 3 years ago.  We had a couple of phone conversations because she was considering joining one of my mentoring programs.  She never did, and that’s totally OK.  But I did remember her and our conversations.

Long story short, she’s still on my email list and she reached out to me about an opportunity.  She asked me if I’d be interested in looking at it.  Again, I said sure because I’m always open to learning.

She sent me links to her corporate site with videos, etc. 

I watched the videos and told her the opportunity wasn’t something I was interested in.  It didn’t resonate with me.

She asked me why it didn’t resonate with me.

We had numerous email exchanges (as in way too many) with me trying to politely explain that it wasn’t that her opportunity might not be a good one, but it wasn’t for me personally and I told her exactly why.

I even hopped on a phone call with her upline who is a “BIG Fish” because I try to stay open-minded, and it’s always good to build relationships.

I explained to her again after the call with her upline that this wasn’t for me.

She’s continued to hound me with looooooooooong drawn out emails about why this opportunity is the best thing since sliced bread.  It’s so bad, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want to respond to anything.

So, here’s…

RULE #4 To Catching a BIG Fish:  HARASSMENT

Don’t Harass.  When you harass you become a pain in the a**!!!!

There’s a BIG difference between harassing and following up!

She’s continued to send me emails and she’s even told me why the opportunities I’m involved in aren’t good.  (NOTE:  I have never tried to personally recruit her into any of my 

opportunities.  I’ve never brought them up in any of these email exchanges except to respond to her comments about any of them.)

Which brings me to…

RULE #5 To Catching a BIG Fish:  STUPID

Don’t ever tell anyone you’re trying to recruit that they’re stupid!!!!

Which is EXACTLY what you’re doing if you try to tell them that the opportunities they’ve chosen are crap.

That’s a really good way to build a relationship.  NOT!!!!!!!

Case Study #3 – Impatient Negative Nelly

I had a guy reach out to me on Facebook Messenger.  I don’t know him.  We only have 1 mutual friend in common.

He sent me a message on a Friday at 9:46 am that said…

“May I show you a video that my sponsor made about a program that might interest you?”

I responded at 11:03 am with…

“Yes!!! Absolutely. I'm always open to learning about new opportunities.”

He responded 26 minutes later at 11:29 am a link to a 10-minute video.  GREAT!  Love short videos.

The next morning, on Saturday he sent me a link to another video.  OK… no problem.

Three days later on Monday night he sent me this message…

I take it that because you haven't replied that this isn't the right program for you? Thanks for looking and if anything else comes up I'll send you a link to browse over.

I responded with…

“Nope!!! You're totally wrong! I've just been traveling and swamped and haven't had a chance to watch the videos yet.”

WHOA!!!!!  Talk about jumping to conclusions and being impatient!!!!!!

RULES #6 & 7 To Catching a BIG Fish:  PATIENCE & ASSUMPTIONS

People are busy!!!  And we have no idea what’s going on in their lives. 

Again, great to follow-up, but do NOT make an assumption that someone isn’t interested because your emergency is not their priority!

Case Study #4 – The Know, Like, Trust Friend

Several months ago, I had a variety of people send me messages and emails about an opportunity.  I looked at the website and it was awful!  Everything about it was bad.  It wasn’t visually appealing, it was poorly written with lots of grammatical mistakes, and it really didn’t tell you anything about the product or service.

Scratch that!  Not interested thank you!

Then along came a client of mine who I have a great relationship with.  I know her, love her and trust her.  She sent me a message about this opportunity. 

I initially told her that I had looked at it and I couldn’t understand anything about what it was.

She agreed the website wasn’t clear, but she explained why she joined.

It’s ONLY because I have a relationship with her that I decided to give it another look.

And once again…

BINGO!  I’m in!


RULE #8 To Catching a BIG Fish:  RELATIONSHIPS

It’s all about relationships!  Building a relationship with a “BIG Fish” is worth it’s weight in gold.

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