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8 YouTube Hacks for Network & Affiliate Marketers

Are you getting customers and team members from YouTube?

Does getting traction on YouTube feel like a total mystery to you?

Not anymore!

With these…

Special YouTube Hacks for Network & Affiliate Marketers

You’ll see how to turn YouTube into a Profit Generating Machine.

Read on and watch the video here.

Why do you want to be on YouTube?

YouTube is the 2nd most popular social platform after Facebook with 2 billion monthly users.

Everyday people watch 1 billion hours of video on YouTube.

90% of people say they discover new products and services on YouTube.

HACK #1 – Create Content that Users Want

It’s NOT about what you want to tell people.  It’s all about creating quality content that users want.

Even more accurately, it’s about creating quality content that YouTube users are searching for.

The quality of the content is the most important thing to grow your subscribers, increase views, and extend the view time per video.

Larry Page, the Co-Founder of Alphabet who owns YouTube says…

“Basically, our goal is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.”

This quote gives us a few keys to the next several hacks.

HACK #2 – Organize Your Information

Because YouTube is a Search Engine, think Google with videos, you need to have your information organized so your ideal prospect can find your valuable content when they’re searching.

This means you do not want to create a YouTube channel that is generic and talks about your health and wellness business, your sweater knitting business, your passion for travel, and your favorite keto recipes.

You want to create on overarching subject or theme for each YouTube channel you create.  And you can have an unlimited number of YouTube channels.

In the example above, you would potentially create a unique channel for each of your 4 passions or businesses.

  • Health & wellness
  • Sweater knitting
  • Travel
  • Keto recipes

HACK #3 – Make Your Videos “Universally Accessible”

Let’s be realistic here, you really don’t want your videos to be universally accessible.  But you do want them to be universally accessible to your target audience.

When you’re thinking about setting up a YouTube channel know who your target audience is.

In order for your videos to be accessible to your prospect, you’ll need to tap into YouTube’s SEO functionality. 

Without optimizing your channel and your videos for the YouTube search engine, you might have the best videos in the world, but no one will ever be able to find them because they’ll be pages and pages down in the YouTube rankings.

The Secret Sauce of Keywords

You’ve got to understand keywords, do keyword research, and optimize your entire channel for keywords including:

  • Your channel name
  • Your channel description or about section
  • Your video titles
  • Your video descriptions

My two favorite tools for doing keyword research on YouTube are Keywords Everywhere and TubeBuddy.

Now if your eyes are starting to glaze over with this SEO/keyword stuff and you think you’ll never be able to do this…

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HACK #4 – Make Your Videos “Useful”

Sure, lots of people go to YouTube to be entertained.  But we want to turn YouTube into a Profit Generating Machine.  So, you want your videos to provide value to your prospects.

Before you start a YouTube channel be very clear about:

  • What information is your target audience searching for on YouTube
  • What are the problems your prospects want to solve
  • What are the challenges your prospects are looking to overcome
  • What are the goals your prospects want to reach or things they want to achieve/accomplish

HACK #5 – Do Channel Research:  Find the Sweet Spot

In addition to understanding who your ideal prospect is, and what challenges they have that you can solve…

Ask yourself… “Could I realistically create at least 52 videos, one video a week for the next year, on this topic?”

Recently I was talking with a client who is in a health and wellness business, and she was talking about a collagen product.  She thought she would create a YouTube channel about collagen because it’s such a hot product right now.

She’s right, it’s a VERY hot product.  Many companies in the health and wellness space have launched collagen products in the last 6 months.

She knows who her ideal prospect is – someone who is concerned about aging and is looking for natural anti-aging solutions.

She understands what the problem is she can help solve.  She understands all of the benefits of collagen to fit aging.

But when I asked her if she could produce 52 videos about collagen she realized that topic is way too narrow.

Likewise, anti-aging or health and wellness are both way too broad for topic when you’re starting off with YouTube and creating a new channel.

You’ve got to find the sweet spot for your channel. 

You need a theme, or subject matter that’s broad enough that you can create consistent content, but not so broad that they’re so competitive that you’ll never make it to the first page or two of the YouTube rankings.

HACK #6 – Hack the Competition

A great way to “cheat” and find out what’s working and what’s not on YouTube is to type words, phrases and questions into the search bar in YouTube.

See what comes up.  Check out the top videos.

Pay attention to:

  • The names of the various channels of the top ranked videos
  • The titles of the top ranked videos
  • The thumbnails of the top ranked videos
  • The video descriptions on these videos
  • The keywords used in these video descriptions
  • How old the video is
  • The number of views of a video vs. the number of subscribers to the channel
  • The comments on the videos

“Steal” smart.  Copy successful YouTubers. 

Find people who already have a well established YouTube channel in the same or similar topic area that you want to cover.

Observe how often they create new videos, what the range of content is they cover, and what the best performing videos are.

Get ideas from people who have already created what you want to create.  Then put your own twist on it.

Hack #7 – Create Channel “Trust”

You want your viewers to come back for more and more content.  You want to turn them from viewers into subscribers, into buyers, and if appropriate into team members.

Remember people buy from and join people who they know, like and trust.

It starts with your Channel Art

If you’re only trying to sell product, you don’t have to have a photo of yourself, but if you ever want to recruit anyone, I believe your photo is a must!  Be sure your photo is clear and inviting.

Your channel art (or banner) should tell your prospects very clearly what’s in it for them.  What benefits will they get from the information you’ll be sharing with them.

Include your logo on your channel art if you’ve got one.  This obviously helps with personal branding.

Choose graphics, fonts and colors for your channel art that are clean and clear yet make your channel stand out.

Hack #8 – Create Channel Clarity:  Tell a Story

Optimize your channel description, or the about section, to give your viewers more information about what’s in it for them.

You’ve got 1,000 characters to tell your viewers what pains you’re going to help them move away from or what pleasures you’re going to help them move towards.

You want to be sure you’ve got your most important keywords in your channel description.

Let people know what they can expect from you, why they should subscribe and how often you’ll be publishing new videos.

These eight hacks create a foundation for getting your YouTube channel set up.

For lots more information about how to start generating sales and recruiting team members with YouTube…

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