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5 Methods to Influence Your Prospects on Video – Without Ever Being on Camera

I just found something new and cool (well... new to me anyway) and I want to share it with you!

Whether you like it or not...

Video is KING!

You really neeeeeeeeeeeed to be using video these days to create a social media presence.

And most importantly, to build a know, like and trust factor.

I know that scares the daylights out of a whole bunch of people.

Whether you're already a video rock star, or you've never ventured into that scary place...

This is for you!

I'm going to share my...

5 EASY Methods for Creating Power-Packed Video Without Appearing on Camera

You'll get easy peasy, super simple ideas, tools, and tips you can put into action instantly!

First let’s talk about why you need to do video and where you want to be.

When you create video of course you want to post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

But if you don’t have a YouTube Channel, you’re missing out big time.  That’s where the action is and it’s the easiest place to get the most views if you know a few secrets of how to work YouTube magic.

Top YouTube Statistics from Serpwatch

YouTube Statistics: Channels, Viewership, Popularity | 2021 (serpwatch.io)

  • 81% of adults in the US use YouTube.
  • In 2020, YouTube Premium hit 30 million subscribers.
  • YouTube had a 49% growth rate in the first quarter of 2021.
  • 70% of watch time on YouTube comes from smartphones and tablets.
  • Globally, YouTube has around 2.24 billion users.
  • 23% of adults in the US regularly use YouTube as a news source.
  • 51% of YouTube users visit the site daily.
  • YouTube creators upload approximately 30,000 hours of video per hour.
  • The average YouTuber makes around $18 per 1,000 views.
  • The most viewed video on YouTube has more than 9 billion views.

There’s nothing more powerful than you appearing on camera to build that know, like and trust factor.  Because video is the fastest way to move your prospect from cold, to warm, to hot, to buyer or team member without ever even talking to them.

When people can see you and hear you, they feel like they know you.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve met a ton of people on zoom over the last year and a half or more that you feel like you really know even though you’ve never met them in person.

But if you’re scared to death to appear on camera, or you feel like you could never “memorize” or remember everything you want to say on a video here are…

5 Ways to Create Video Without Appearing on Camera

#1:  Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Even though I have no trouble doing video, I still like to create PowerPoint presentations for some of my videos.

I use PowerPoint if I’ve got graphics I want to share, or if I’ve got a lot of information, like statics, that I think will be really helpful to my viewers to be able to see in print, not just hear.

PowerPoint presentations don’t have to be long.  You could make 3 to 5 slides.

You can use PowerPoint to help you remember what you want to say and the points you want to cover.

I use zoom to record my video.  I simply share my screen, which you have the option to do with your camera on or off, then hit record.  And stop record when I’m finished.

When you record a video using zoom you’ve got the option of recording it to the cloud or to your computer.

In this case I would record it to your computer so you can easily upload it from your computer into YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

EXPERT TIP:  Don’t put too much text on your slides.  Keep things to simple bullet points whenever possible.  Remember 70% of YouTube watch time is on tablets & phones.  I highly recommend watching your videos on your phone to see what your viewers will see.

EXPERT TIP:  White reverse type (white, or light text on a black or dark background) is always harder to read than dark text on a light background.  Keep this in mind when creating your slides.

#2:  Create a Presentation in Canva

Canva is also great for creating presentations.  There’s a presentation template in Canva with tons of different designs to choose from.

The advantage of using the presentation template is that each design gives you multiple different pages for that design with the same style and color scheme, but different layouts.

Canva will give you a different look and feel than PowerPoint.

The paid version of Canva, which I highly recommend, has a good library of video clips you can put into your presentations.

If I create a presentation in Canva, I use zoom to record it, just like I do with a PowerPoint presentation.

#3:  Do a Demo by Sharing Your Screen

This is a great way to create value-packed videos that position you as a trusted authority.

You can do a simple 3–5-minute video sharing your screen and doing a demo of

  • how up upload an image into your LinkedIn banner
  • how to create a gif for your social media posts using Canva
  • how to find and join groups on LinkedIn
  • how to create a group on Facebook
  • how to create boards on Pinterest
  • how to use the design feature with PowerPoint
  • how to use a virtual background with zoom

Think of anything you do on your computer, or anything you do with social media.  You can do a demo of how you do it.

Again, I record these videos using zoom with screen share.

#4:  Use Doodly to Create Videos

Doodly is a whiteboard animation software and video creator. 

You can create a totally different look and feel to your videos with this tool.

I have it, and I’ll admit it’s a bit more complicated than other video creation tools, so I don’t use it as much.  It’s still a good tool to have in your arsenal.

You can get the standard Doodly package for $39/mo, or the enterprise package for $69/mo.  I recommend starting with the standard to see if you use it and like it before jumping into the enterprise package.

#5:  Use Wave.video to Create Videos

This is my new favorite tool for creating videos that look professional and are attention grabbing, yet you don’t have to appear on camera.

This replaces Vidnami for anyone who used it and loved it like I did.

You can get a free version of wave.video which really isn’t going to do much for you, but better than not doing video at all.

The Creator version you can get with a promo price of $281/year or $30/mo.  Totally worth it in my opinion.

And there’s a Business version you can get that’s $668/yr.

Wave.video comes with hundreds of video templates for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, stories, etc.

It includes free stock videos, royal-free music, free stock images, video filters, overlays.

You can put text on your video and animate it.  You can create custom thumbnails for your videos.

Plus, they’ve got video voiceover options.

This is a tool I highly recommend whether you already to video and LOVE appearing on camera or not.

For more ideas on how to do video and what to say…

Grab my free Never Fail Video Scripts HERE  

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