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3 Easy Steps to Creating a LinkedIn Carousel Post

I love creating carousel posts on LinkedIn.  And LinkedIn loves to have me create them!

LinkedIn will serve your carousel posts to more people than a regular post because LinkedIn wants its users to see and experience the platform’s versatility.

And because not many people are aware of and are using the carousel post, your post will stand out in the newsfeed.

What is a LinkedIn Carousel Post?

A carousel post on LinkedIn is like a slide show.

You create it by uploading a document in your post that is a PDF with multiple pages or “slides”.

The purpose of a carousel post is to grab your prospect’s attention and give them information with visual content.

WATCH the video and READ below for more details.

How to Create a LinkedIn Carousel Post

STEP 1:  Create a series of slides or images and download them as a PDF.

You can use Canva or PowerPoint.  I’ve done both.

Canva Tips

If you’re using Canva, the Facebook Post template, the YouTube Thumbnail template, and the Presentation template all fit with the LinkedIn format well.

The Presentation templates work quite well because they give you a variety of different pages for each presentation.

If you’re using the Facebook or YouTube Thumbnail templates you’ll want to create multiple pages all in one file.  You can either duplicate a page, or add a page.

When you save your Canva design, save it as a PDF Standard.

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint is ideal for a LinkedIn carousel post.

When you’ve completed your presentation you’ll need to save it as a PDF.

Click on “File”.

Then “Export”.

Then “Create PDF/XPS Document”.

It’s that simple.

STEP 2:  Create a LinkedIn Post

From the homepage on LinkedIn go to “Start a post”.

Write the copy you want for your post.  Be sure to include hashtags at the end of your post to help LinkedIn and your target audience know that this post is for them.

STEP 3:  Upload Your PDF

Click on the document icon at the bottom of the post box (3rd from the left) and upload your PDF.

Tips for Creating a LinkedIn Carousel Post

EXPERT TIP #1:  Keep the text on each slide to a minimum number of words.  You need the font size to be large enough to be readable.  Remember statistics show that 65% or more of people are scrolling through social media on their phones.  Check out your carousel post on your phone after you post it.

EXPERT TIP #2:  Keep any text you put on the slides away from the bottom of the slide because the slide bar on LinkedIn will potentially cover up the text.

EXPERT TIP #3:  Use images on as many slides a possible.  Think about telling a story in pictures.

EXPERT TIP #4:  Don't use videos or other animations because LinkedIn's document sharing feature doesn't support animations or videos within your slides. It will only display static images.

EXPERT TIP #5:  Use images with people in your slides.  It’s always great to use pictures of yourself to make your carousel post real and authentic.

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