Network Marketers: Get Your Attention-Grabbing Headlines & Subject Lines for Social Media & Email Marketing - Gloria MacDonald

Network Marketers: Get Your Attention-Grabbing Headlines & Subject Lines for Social Media & Email Marketing

To stand out on social media and grab your prospect’s attention you need two things:

  • Attention-grabbing images
  • Attention-grabbing headlines

To get your emails read you need attention-grabbing subject lines.

Without an eye-popping headline or subject line your content is dead in the water.

Over the years I’ve studied great copywriters and I’ve complied lists of headlines and subject lines that draw you in.

I’ve cracked the code and I’m sharing it with you here.

WATCH the Video HERE and read below.

Categories of Headlines & Subject Lines

There are 8 categories of headlines and subject lines:

  1. How to…
  2. Story Headlines
  3. The Question
  4. The Promise
  5. Curiosity
  6. FREE
  7. Open Now/Opening or Happening Soon
  8. Last Chance/Time Sensitive/Urgency

Let’s take a dive into each one of these categories with lots of real-life examples I’ve collected.

#1:  How To

  • How Turmeric Fights Dangerous Inflammation
  • How to stop needing approval of others
  • How To Restore Energy & Focus
  • [Elite Earners] How I Generated $38,762 On A Low/No Budget Strategy
  • [TEAM BUILDING SECRET] How To Get Your Teammates To Focus On Just One Company
  • 7 Steps To Automate Your Income And Attract Top Tier Clients Without Getting Technical
  • Start seeing sales this week! How to Build Your Marketing Funnel.
  • Decoding how to eat healthy
  • [Free Book] How to get your business “unstuck”

#2:  Story Headlines

  • She 20x'ed her income in 4 years - here's how
  • He had more success in 18 months than the last 18 years
  • 86 year old woman completes Ironman race
  • How I "lost" four million bucks.
  • [A True story]: Change your brain, transform your life
  • Let me tell you a story…
  • My surprise $$ windfall (a personal story)
  • Speak-to-Sell in the real world [Case Study]
  • My dad ❤️
  • I cheated on him

#3:  The Question

  • What if ...
  • Where's my #$@! money???
  • Do your friends drop pounds faster than you?
  • Are you in, Gloria?
  • "How will this work for MY business?"
  • "Do You Know The Most DANGEROUS Word In Business?"
  • "Do You Know The Most Important Word In Business?"
  • Are you ready?
  • Do you agree with these statements?
  • Has this ever happened to you? (STOLEN)
  • [psst...Backdoor link] Did you want in?

#4:  The Promise

  • Big trend in our industry - start working on this now, and it will pay off BIG in the long run
  • Morning spray will help you drop 10 of extra baggage
  • 3,000 companies a month are switching their phone services
  • ONE thing all successful people do...
  • Your secret unfair advantage
  • I sell $200K programs with this formula
  • Crush Weight loss and drop 30 this spring
  • "Crypto Craze" Hasn't Even Begun
  • Secrets from the Spotlight! #11 Real Ones That Worked!

#5.  Curiosity

  • These statistics are alarming… (but there are solutions!)
  • The MOST Important Question for You ...
  • HELP! (torches and pitchforks)
  • Your secret unfair advantage
  • Most Powerful Antioxidant Revealed (You'll Never Guess What It Is)
  • Your life won't change unless... (Crucial Information Enclosed)
  • The strangest secret
  • 13 differences between rich people and poor people
  • The Missing Piece To Your Retirement Goals

#6:  FREE

  • Free audience growth webinar
  • [Free Training] We have someone I’d like you to meet…
  • [Free PDF] Help more clients and make more money while working less
  • [Free Book] How to get your business “unstuck”
  • You’re kidding me. Free? 👀

#7:  Open Now/Open or Happening Soon

  • 📢 OPEN NOW! Best time ever to restock your supply cabinet.
  • we've UNCOVERED a 'New Funnel Strategy' (LIVE training tomorrow)
  • Get Ready for One Program this August
  • Calling all Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs - Book Release this Morning Plus Special Gifts
  • It Starts Today - ‘Direct Awakening’ in 12 Weeks with Craig Hamilton

#8:  Last Chance/Time Sensitive/Urgency

  • Complete workshop (vanishing soon)
  • Last day for your 83% discount!
  • LAST CALL - we're going LIVE in 3...2...1...
  • Exclusive Offer - Less Than 36 Hours Left to Receive $135 in Gifts!
  • [TIME-SENSITIVE] If you missed it live, check out this replay
  • What time tomorrow Gloria? (important)
  • [TODAY] Get a “money mindset upgrade” (5 strategies)
  • Less than 24 Hours Left (Auto Downline)
  • DECISION TIME: Applications close TONIGHT
  • Read Within 1 Hour: Special Announcement

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