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How to Get Sales & Team Members on YouTube

We’ve Cracked the Code on creating a profitable YouTube channel!The results are really exciting. I’ve had a YouTube Channel for years now. And a little over two years ago I starting paying a YouTube agency big bucks to optimize my channel. I paid them for 18 months, and yes, my channel grew and I got more views… but […]

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3 Easy Steps to Creating a LinkedIn Carousel Post

I love creating carousel posts on LinkedIn.  And LinkedIn loves to have me create them! LinkedIn will serve your carousel posts to more people than a regular post because LinkedIn wants its users to see and experience the platform’s versatility. And because not many people are aware of and are using the carousel post, your post will […]

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Network Marketers: Get Your Attention-Grabbing Headlines & Subject Lines for Social Media & Email Marketing

To stand out on social media and grab your prospect’s attention you need two things:Attention-grabbing imagesAttention-grabbing headlinesTo get your emails read you need attention-grabbing subject lines. Without an eye-popping headline or subject line your content is dead in the water. Over the years I’ve studied great copywriters and I’ve complied lists of headlines and subject lines that […]

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