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How To Leverage LinkedIn to Get More Views of Your Social Media Content

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First, I’m going to give you some short, sweet attention grabbers for all social media platforms that will boost views of your content.

Tip #1 – Use Selfies

This is not a beauty contest.  In fact, goofy faces and pictures that are taken really close up grab attention.  Use images which show your face in at least 85 – 90% of your post images.

Tip #2 – Use GIF’s

I recently did a training on how to create a gif using and use it as the image for your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and even for the image for your LinkedIn articles.  You can find it here. The animation of a gif stands out in the news feed and grabs your prospect’s attention.

Tip #3 – How To’s

Any content that shows your ideal prospects how to do something they want to know how to do is great content.  This can be one simple thing like how to follow hashtags on LinkedIn.  Or how to search for and join groups on LinkedIn.  A quick one-minute video is VERY powerful!

Tip #4 – Behind the Scenes

People LOVE “behind the scenes” views into other people’s lives.  It’s why reality TV is so huge.  You can give behind the scenes views into your business, your struggles, and a solution you found, challenge you had and how you solved it, or something you’re working right now.  It’s totally OK to be real.

Tip #5 – Your Journey

This is very similar to “behind the scenes” except it’s not just one event, but it’s allowing people to follow you on your weight loss journey, or your journey of learning how to do something.  Maybe your journey of growing a following or a group.  The purpose is to allow people to learn from what worked and what didn’t.

Tip #6 – Ask for Help

People loooooove to give advice!  So, ask for advice.  Let your audience know you’re looking for a new phone, or a new light for videos, a new air fryer, or a new standing desk.  Ask for advice on what people have found to be the best and where to get it at the best price.

Tip #7 – Ask for Their Vote or Opinion

People also love to give their opinions.  Ask your audience to vote on which picture of you they like best for your profile.  Ask your audience to give you their opinion on what title they like best for your new free guide, course, or program.  This has a two-fold purpose.  It involves your audience, and it gives them a special heads-up, advance notice that you’re about to come out with something new.

How to Leverage LinkedIn

Tip #8 – Create a Poll

Use the “Create a poll” feature when you’re creating a post on LinkedIn and asking for your audience’s vote or opinion.

Tip #9 – Use Long-Form Posts

LinkedIn has just increased the number of characters you can have in a post to 3,000 characters.  Take advantage of this by taking a blog post or an article you’ve written on LinkedIn and putting all or most of it into a post with a link back to the original piece of content.  This will help drive traffic to your blog or article.

Tip #10 – Blog Post Links

If you’ve taken the time to write a blog post for your website, use LinkedIn to get more eyeballs on it by copying the first couple of paragraphs (500 words or so) into a LinkedIn post then add the link to your blog post.  LinkedIn will automatically populate the cover image from your blog into the post on LinkedIn.

Tip #11 – Don’t Copy Your Blog Post as an Article

Don’t take your blog post from your website and just copy and paste it into LinkedIn as an article.  Google and the various search engines will view this a duplicate content and it will kill the SEO for your blog.

Tip #12 – Upload Documents on LinkedIn

This is a relatively new feature that I’ve never talked about before.  If you’ve written an article, or taken a video and transcribed it, when you create a post on LinkedIn you can upload a document.

Documents are getting quite a few views.  Because it’s a newer feature that not many people are using LinkedIn is serving posts that have documents attached to more people.

Take your Word Document, save it as a PDF, upload it directly from your computer to your LinkedIn post.

When you click on Create a post from your newsfeed, the third icon from the left is an icon of a document.  Click on that and upload your document.

Be sure to always have a call to action in your document.

Tip #13 – Reuse, Re-Purpose, Recycle, Re-Post

If you’ve invested time and energy into creating a training video, or writing an article on LinkedIn, or writing a blog post you want to leverage LinkedIn to Reuse, Re-Purpose and Recycle.


If you’ve done a Facebook live, or a video on YouTube, if it’s under ten minutes long be sure to download it and upload it to LinkedIn.  If it’s 

over 10 minutes you can host the video on YouTube or Vimeo and create a post on LinkedIn with a link to the video.  Get your audience on LinkedIn seeing and hearing you.


When you re-purpose your content you’re going to be switching media.  Let’s say you’ve done a live on Facebook.  Take what you said and write it out into a 3000 character or less post on LinkedIn with an image of you. 

You can also turn it into an article on LinkedIn for curated content that will stay forever. 

Take your video and strip off the audio and turn it into a “mini podcast”, or just re-record just the voice, create an audio file with your phone and create a post that links to the recording.  Keep it simple if you want by using Media Fire or a Google Drive to host the audio file.

The idea of re-purposing is to have one piece of content in short and long form written, video, and audio formats.

Different segments of your audience learn and consume information differently.  Give them options for how they can get your message.


Once you’ve created a piece of content, whether it’s an article on LinkedIn, a blog post on your website or a video on YouTube you can create 5 – 10 different posts with different images and different snippets from your content and put these in a scheduler, like Buffer, to post on LinkedIn and get more eyeballs on your content.

You can also do a variety of short 60 second or so videos which peak curiosity and drive people to your longer video or your article or blog.  Post these videos on LinkedIn.


Take the exact post you created and repost it once a month.  If you create a schedule and post a specific post on the 23rd of every month, that post will fall on different days for seven months. 

Don’t be afraid to do this!!!

If you’d like more tips on how to create powerful posts in just minutes, grab a copy of my FREE Guide 10 Top Types of LinkedIn Posts.

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