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What Most Leaders Won’t Talk About – The Strategies of Millionaires

This is a BIG "no-no" in the networking world.

Or at least that's the perception that's out there.

The truth is most top earners are doing it.

I only know one leader that won't publicly admit to it, but I still believe she's doing it.

And the bottom line is that you should be doing it too.

I’m talking about...

What Top Earners REALLY Do - The Mindset of the Wealthy

Read on and watch the video here.

Recently I’ve had conversations with numerous people who have made millions in the network marketing industry.

They all agree on one thing.

The world has changed.

And they will never put all their eggs in one basket again.

Gone are the days of living, moving, breathing, and dying for your company.

We’ve all learned and experienced through the school of hard knocks that it’s just not smart.

We’ve all seen network marketing companies come and go.

We’ve seen companies go under.

We’ve seen companies be bought out.

We’ve seen companies merging with others

We’ve seen comp plans change… and not for the better of the distributors.

And we’ve seen scams.

And as the world speeds up and moves at a faster and faster pace, so does the speed at which companies change.

What Are the Leaders Really Doing?

They’re diversifying their income.

Yes, they’ve got multiple streams of income.

And many of them, not all, are involved in multiple network marketing companies.

But how can they do that when it’s against almost every network marketing company’s policies in some way?

Well, they’ve come to the realization, and decided, that their personal security is their #1 priority.  Not their loyalty to a company.

And that means they MUST diversify.  PERIOD.

And you need to too!

What leaders won’t do is specifically target and recruit someone from one company they’re in into another company.  That’s just not kosher.

What top earners often do is have several different companies they’re in, in a variety of niches.

They might have something in travel, something in health and wellness & something in crypto or technology.

They also might be involved in a network marketing company and several affiliate opportunities.  Because affiliate opportunities don’t cross the line with network marketing.

Having said that, the lines between affiliate marketing and network marketing are getting more blurred.  Some network marketing companies have legally changed their structures into affiliate marketing, and many affiliate marketing opportunities pay as much as four levels deep.

What Are the Strategies of Top Earners?

Every top earner I know has a strategy.

You may have heard me talk about my ELFSS test.

Everything I do has to pass a stringent 5-point test.

Is it…?






If I’m going to take on something new it has to be synergistic with everything I do to help you create freedom and wealth.

This week I was talking with a top earner who said “It’s so easy to make a million dollars a year.  All you do is have 10 things that each make you $10,000 a month.”  That’s his strategy.

Think about your goal and break it down.

Let’s say your goal is to make $100,000 a year.

That’s $8,333 per month.

What feels good to you?  What feels easy to you?

Do you think you could find 3 opportunities that each pay you $2,777 a month?  That’s equal to $100k per year.  That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Trust me, it’s incredibly easy to make less than $3k/mo with the right opportunity.

Then if you want to double your income, all you do is find another 3 opportunities, 6 in total, where you can earn $2,777 per month and now, you’re making $200,000 per year.

OR, you can increase the earnings of those original 3 opportunities to just $5,555 per month and you’re also making $200,000 per year.

When you start breaking your goals down in to bite size pieces things start to feel much more doable.

What’s The Mindset of The Wealthy?

I learned years ago that the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask.

Wealthy people, people with an abundance mindset, ask very different questions than people who are struggling.

People who struggle ask questions like…

  • “How can I make enough to pay my credit card bill?”
  • “How can I possibly earn the incentive trip?”
  • “Will I ever be able to [fill in the blank]”

These questions are very limiting. 

  • With the first question you’ll only ever make just enough to pay your credit car bill.
  • With the second question you’ve already said you don’t believe you can earn the incentive trip… how can I possibly?
  • And with the third question you’ve also loaded the question with a massive seed of doubt.

Abundance-minded people ask questions like…

  • I wonder what the best way is for me to 10X my income?
  • I wonder who would be the best person to partner with to build a massive team?
  • I wonder what the easiest, most efficient way is for me to impact millions of lives reap the rewards of that?

Do you see the dramatic difference in these questions?

What Should You Do?

Let’s say you’ve been with your current network marketing company for several years and you’re still not where you want to be, any maybe by a long shot.

Maybe you’re already in two or three opportunities and none of them are getting you where you want to go.

You’ve been struggling trying to do the social media thing but not feeling like you’re getting any traction.

Trust me, I get it!!!

What do you do?

#1 – Generate Totally Passive Income

First, find something that can provide you with totally passive income.  I’m talking about you don’t have to sell anything or recruit anyone. 

You need to have at least something that is generating wealth for you while you sleep.  Here’s the one I personally highly recommend.  

#2 – Find Something That’s A “Set It and Forget It” Opportunity

I’m personally looking for three to five of these types of opportunities.

The best one I’ve found so far is a super simple “no-brainer” affiliate program.

 You can join for FREE and make a little chunk of change each month. 

OR, right now you can join for the pre-launch price of just $9.95 for a full year and have the opportunity to make substantially more.

Up to you, but whatever you do, check this one out for sure!!!

Here’s a quick 2-minute video that explains it.  

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