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Build Your Team with LinkedIn Newsletters

Newsletters are another POWERFUL LinkedIn Feature you want to be using to...

==> Get MORE Views

===> Attract MORE Prospects

====> Get MORE Customers

=====> AND Recruit MORE Team Members

Every Network Marketer & Affiliate Marketer should be using LinkedIn to build their business.

Why?  Because LinkedIn has over 774 million professionals worldwide who are serious about doing business.

Read on and watch the video here.

What is a LinkedIn Newsletter?

A LinkedIn Newsletter is a series of articles you publish on a regular basis. 

Think of it like a blog. 

Your LinkedIn Newsletter should focus on the same topic, and obviously a topic that’s very relevant to your audience or your prospects.

For example, my LinkedIn Newsletter could be all about how Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers can use LinkedIn to build their businesses.

If you’re in a health & wellness company you could create a series of LinkedIn articles that become your newsletter on specific areas that your various products address:

  • Brain health
  • Gut health
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Better sleep
  • More energy

If you’re with a skin care company you could create series of articles that become your newsletter that talk about:

  • the importance of various ingredients your products have, and the importance of
  • the importance of protecting your skin from the sun and how to get the best protection
  • the importance of sleep and drinking water to your skin health

According to LinkedIn…

“As a newsletter author, you get to write about a professional topic you care about on a regular basis. Members can subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates when you publish something new. The most engaging newsletters specifically address a unique topic consistently enough that subscribers look forward to the next article.

Anyone can discover, read, and share your LinkedIn newsletter. LinkedIn members can also subscribe to it.”

LinkedIn is currently in the process of slowing rolling out their newsletter function to members globally, but anyone on LinkedIn can subscribe to a newsletter.

LinkedIn Newsletter vs. an Article

What’s the difference between a newsletter and an article and why should you do both?

When you publish an article it gets posted in your timeline.  People will only see it if they’re scrolling through their newsfeed.

The purpose of a newsletter is to get subscribers to that newsletter.  Each time you publish a new article that goes into the newsletter, your subscribers will be notified which increases the likelihood that people will actually be seeing and reading your content.

I write articles on a very wide range of subjects to help you build your network marketing and/or affiliate marketing businesses.  I’ve written about…

  • how to do live video, how to create great video scripts
  • how to use Facebook groups to get more prospects
  • the power of Pinterest to create awareness and build your business
  • how to have closing conversations, how to overcome objections
  • how to use Quora

However, my newsletter might be very specific on Tools & Tips to Optimize LinkedIn To Grow Your Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Business.

Create a LinkedIn Newsletter in 3 Easy Steps

It’s simple to create a newsletter on LinkedIn.  Just follow these 3 Steps.

  1. From your homepage click Write an article then choose Write newsletter.
  2. Add a title, description, publishing frequency (you can publish up to one article every 24 hours), and logo for your newsletter and click Done..

3.  You can now write the first article for your newsletter.  Once the article is ready to be published, click Publish at the top of the screen.

Here’s the power of your LinkedIn Newsletter.  According to LinkedIn…

“By default, your connections and followers will be invited by notification to subscribe to your newsletter. Subscribing means they’ll receive a notification and email when you write a new newsletter article. You can uncheck this option if you do not want to invite your connections and followers to subscribe to your newsletter.”

Tips for Creating a Great LinkedIn Newsletter

TIP #1:  Create an Engaging Name

You want to create a name for your newsletter that is catchy and clearly tells your prospect what’s in it for them.

What benefit will your reader get by subscribing to your newsletter?

TIP #2:  Create a Logo for Your Newsletter

LinkedIn gives you the ability to upload a logo for your newsletter so take advantage of it!  Make it eye-popping.  (300x300 pixels is the recommended size.)

Use Canva to create your logo, or if you don’t feel your any good at design get someone on to create a logo for you.  You can get a logo created for under $50.

TIP #3:  Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Each of your newsletter articles needs an attention-grabbing headline.  Your headline can hit your prospect’s pain point, ask an engaging question, show your prospect how you’re going to help them do or improve something in their business or their lives, or show them how you’re going to help them get to their dreams and goals.

When you grab my 30 Days to Writing Killer Emails, Articles & Blogs  

You get my Special BONUS –  More Than 101 Headlines & Subject Lines:  Eye Popping, Attention Grabbing Headlines & Subject Lines Your Followers Will HAVE To Read

TIP #4:  Create a Cover Photo for Each Article

Use Canva to create cover photos for each article in your newsletter.  Canva has hundreds of free pre-made designs to choose from that are very simple and easy to change.

Check out this recent training I did on how to use Canva to create your cover photo and add animation.  

Cover photos with pictures of people’s faces (ideally your own picture for personal branding purposes) draw audiences in.

TIP #5:  Engage with Your Audience

Get your readers to engage with you by asking questions and asking for comments.

  • Please comment below if you found this helpful.
  • On a scale of 1 – 10 how useful/helpful did you find this?
  • Ask your questions in the comments.
  • Let me know what other information you would like on this or other subjects.
  • What’s your biggest challenge with _________?
  • I’d love to know how often you _________________?  Please comment below with daily, weekly, 1 – 3 time a month, rarely, never.

TIP #6:  Include a Call-to-Action

Always include a call-to-action in every newsletter article.

You might include a call-to-action to:

  • Subscribe to your LinkedIn Newsletter
  • Opt-in to a free guide/lead magnet
  • Book a call with you – include a link to your online calendar
  • Purchase a product or service

TIP #7:  Consistency

As with anything, the key is always consistency. 

Decide before you start your newsletter what you can realistically commit to.  If you know that you can only produce one newsletter article a month, commit to that.  If you know you’ll be able to produce one a week, fantastic. 

Whatever schedule you commit to, do it consistently.  I write one article a week and publish it every Tuesday.  The LinkedIn algorithm will love you for it.

If you feel like you’re just no good at writing, or you don’t have any ideas…

I’ll show you how writing can be EASY & FUN!

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