The 3-Step Process To Manifesting Your Dream Business and Life - Gloria MacDonald

The 3-Step Process To Manifesting Your Dream Business and Life

I'm sure you've heard of the Law of Attraction...

Maybe you've even read books, watch videos and more trying to understand it all...

Maybe you even don't believe...because it's never worked for you.

I've been there.  

But then I started to study and learn about the SCIENCE behind the creative process.

Since then, I've spent years manifesting my dream life.

So, today I want to share with you...

How to Create and Manifest What You Want in Your Business and Your Life

We’re talking about creating abundance and freedom in whatever form you’d love.

First, let me ask you…

Is there a deep yearning in you for more?

Is there something deep inside you that absolutely knows there’s more “out there”?

And do you have a knowingness that you haven’t reached your full potential, yet you don’t have a clue how to get out of the struggle and into a sense of ease, joy, peace, and freedom?

I’ve got your back!

I’m so passionate about the subject of creating and manifesting because I’ve seen the power of it so many times in my own life and in the lives of clients I’ve worked with.

And I can guarantee you that what we’re talking about works but only 100% of the time!

That’s it.  Just 100% of the time.

I can show anyone how to use my LinkedIn system and get leads for free. 

You can take a course on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

You can implement what you’ve learned and still not be successful.

I know.  I’ve watched it happen over, and over, and over again.

What is it???????

What is the missing piece?

It’s all about understand the science behind the creative process and learning how to manifest. 

It’s about your energy.

And it’s about having a powerful awareness practice.

Let’s start with some basics.  You may have heard all of this before, and I invite you to approach this with a beginner’s mind.

I love the saying… “To know and not to do, is not to know.”

So, if there’s something missing in your life right now, then there’s still something you don’t know.

The Fundamentals

Everything is Energy.

We are senders and receivers of electromagnetic frequencies.

We create through our thoughts and our feelings.

Like frequencies cohere.

Dislike frequencies dissipate.

The frequencies you’re emitting will draw like people, circumstances and events to you.

And the frequencies you’re emitting will repel people, circumstances and events that don’t match your frequency.

The frequencies we emit are powerful and can literally impact/change physical matter.

So, if you want to create different results in your life, the answer is always the same…

You need to change the frequency you’re in/the frequency you’re emitting.

You are creating non-stop 24/7.  As long as you’re breathing you’re creating.

The only question is…

Are you creating CONSCIOUSLY, by DESIGN?


Most people are going about their days creating by default.  Totally unaware of what they’re creating and how they’re creating it.

And they keep creating the exact same issues, problems, lack and limitation over and over again.

Why?  Because they haven’t shifted anything energetically.

They’re literally tuned into the same frequency, like the same TV station, with the same programming day after day.

What is Conscious Creating?

Conscious Creating is NOT…

Reframing, or turning lemons into lemonade

Giving up on your dreams and just being happy with what is

Just “positive thinking”

Turning your live over to Source/God/Fate and what’s meant to be

Conscious Creating IS…

Taking 100% responsibility for ALL areas of your life and your world!!!

Living differently.

Responding to your world differently.

Expecting things to change.

Understanding You CAN Change Your World.

Conscious Creating requires a moment-by-moment awareness practice.

It requires paying attention to what you’re paying attention to.

It requires being aware of how you’re feeling, which equates to being aware of what frequency you’re in.

Are you feeling agitated, frustrated, unmotivated, blah, lethargic, depressed, fearful, angry, etc.?

Obviously, these are all low frequency vibrations and will only draw more people, circumstances and events to you that will seemingly give you more reasons to keep feeling those same feelings.

If you’re pretty constantly living in a state of fear and lack around money, if you’re constantly in a state of struggle around your business, you’re going to keep attracting situations that reinforce those feelings and you end up in a vicious cycle that reinforces your thoughts, which reinforces your feelings, which reinforces your beliefs.

The way out of this vicious cycle is to shift how you’re feeling first.

Our feelings create our reality.

We’ve been taught that when something happens “out there” it makes us feel a certain way “in here”.

We’ve been taught that it’s an outside in world.

Things happen on the outside… in the world, that we seemingly have no control of, which cause and/or impact the results we experience.

The science of quantum physics shows us that it’s exactly the opposite.

Things happen on the inside… within our consciousness, which impact the frequencies we’re emitting, which draw people and situations to us, which create the results in our lives.

When you begin to really understand this, and you start to see it in action in your life, even in what appears to be “negative” results, it becomes totally freeing.

You start to connect the dots and you begin to understand what a powerful creator you already are.

Right here, right now you are a POWERFUL CREATOR!!!!

You have been powerfully creating everything you’ve ever experienced.

That includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

With this awareness comes even more power.

Now you can start to consciously mold the clay of your life through your thoughts and feelings.

You will never be a victim again.

You will understand that you are the creator of your life.

You will understand that you are Amazing, Genius and Divine.

You will be able to come into the most beautiful, wonderful and awe inspiring coherence, or union with the Universe, Source, God, your Higher Self, or Higher Power… whatever it is that resonates with you.

The 3 Step Creative Process

There’s a simple 3-step process for manifesting, or creating, whatever you want in your life.

I can guarantee you that you’re already using this process probably quite unconsciously in creating the life you’ve created so far.

Now let’s start using it consciously!

Step 1:  Define Your Dream

Step 2:  Flow Energy To Your Dream

Step 3:  The Law of GOYA (Get Off Your Ass)

 These three steps need to be done in order.

I see people all the time doing step 1 then jumping to step 3 without spending any time flowing energy to their dream.  They end up spinning their wheels and never getting anywhere.

Or I see people doing step 1 and 2 and spending all of their time dreaming, but never taking action.

Let me give you a real-life example of how I just used this process to manifest my dream home in Arizona.

Step 1:  Define Your Dream

Ever since I first stepped foot into the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix probably about 12 years ago, when our first flight landed from Toronto, I had an instant feeling of “I’m home!!!”.

There is something absolutely magical about this area to me.  There’s an energy that just kept drawing me here.

My husband and I have taken numerous trips here and frequently we’d look at real estate with the intention of being able to move here “some day”.

We both love golf, so we knew the home had to be in a golf community or very close to a golf course.

We knew we had to have a view of the mountains from our backyard.

And I love water and love to swim, so why not throw in a pool for good measure!

(Oh!!!  And did I mention I love, love, love the heat!!!  I do.  No joke.)

The dream was defined.

Step 2:  Flow Energy To Your Dream

Since that first trip, I’ve flowed energy to the dream.  I’ve spent time on and off “Imagineering”, as Walt Disney said, living in our dream home in the Phoenix area.

But then something dramatic happened on May 3rd.

I was on a group call with some of my clients and it hit me like a ton of bricks that NOW as the time to move.

Every fiber in my being said NOW!!!!!  I just knew the time was right.

I started “hardcore” 5-sensorizing living in an amazing home with everything we dreamed of.

I literally spent hours intensely feeling the feeling of already being here and living in our home, even though I hadn’t seen the home yet.

I spent time smelling the smells of the desert, of meat on the barbeque in our new backyard, of grass on the golf course.

I heard the sounds of golf balls being hit, of the golf ball dropping into the hole, hearing the sounds of friends by the pool, around the dinner table, of ice in glasses as we sat around the pool.

I felt the sensation of the water around me as I was in the pool.  I felt the feeling of gripping my golf clubs.  I felt the feeling of the hot sun on my skin.  I felt the hot dry air surrounding me.

I saw the mountains, the variety of cactus, the sunsets over the mountains, I saw the hot air balloons that are so prevalent here, I saw the golf courses. 

I spent time tasting the tastes of some of my favorite foods at some of my favorite restaurants here.  I tasted the meals we’d have with friends, I tasted drinks on the patio.

Step 3:  The Law of GOYA

Only after I did steps 1 and 2 did I “get off my ass” and start taking action.

I started looking at homes for sale online.

I contacted several different real estate agents.

I connected with probably 5 different mortgage brokers.

When everything appeared to say “No, this isn’t going to happen now” I kept very intensely flowing energy to the dream.

When my husband said “NO”…

When the mortgage brokers all said “NO”…

When all the covid restrictions at the border appeared to be saying “NO”…

I still absolutely knew the answer was YES!!!

I doubled down on my “Imagineering”, flowing energy to the dream, and feeling the excitement.

Then the PERFECT house came up from one of the agents I was emailing with.  I absolutely knew from the minute I saw the listing online it was ours.

I tripled down on flowing energy to the dream.

Everyday, multiple times a day I would look at all of the pictures in the listing.  I watched the video in the listing.  I imagined living in the house.  I imagined our furniture, our artwork, our friends and family in the house.

Despite every “NO” on June 30th, less than two months after I knew the time was right, our dream home in Arizona was ours.

And here it is, with the pool, the sunrise, the cactus, the mountains…

AND… the golf course…

You can do this too!

You can have, be, experience, create anything you want.

To learn EXACTLY how, join me in the Abundance Consciousness Creation program. 

You will NOT regret it!

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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