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Unlimited Prospects & Leads On LinkedIn

It's every networker marketer’s and affiliate marketer’s #1 challenge.

How do you get more prospects and leads?

Let's be honest, social media platforms are constantly changing, cracking down, and shutting down users.

In the face of this, what can you do to keep your business growing steadily?

Today I'm going to share my strategies for...

How to Get Unlimited Prospects & Leads on LinkedIn

Keep reading and watch the video below.

Last Friday I got my LinkedIn account shut down. As in... "we're not allowing you to login any longer… you’re BANNED".

Fortunately, by Saturday it was back up and running.

Then on Monday Facebook shut me down!

You see, I recently decided I was going to hire some pros do test running some Facebook ads. 

Now when I say pros, I mean these guys to this all day, everyday for a living.  They live, move and breath Facebook ads.

These pros got 5 ads up and running on Saturday and by Monday morning they were all shut down!!!

Morale of the story…

Social media is risky business and even the pros get shut down!

So, how can you navigate in this ever-changing minefield?  Especially to keep a steady and constant flow of prospects and leads coming to you?

Whether you like it or not, if you want to success in any business, you’re going to have to continue to learn, grow, adapt, be flexible, and be willing to open to new and different ways of doing things.

Same-old, same-old just won’t work very long.

Surviving today requires some paradigm shifts. 

One shift I’m passionate about, is helping you shift from being a Network Marketer, to being an Online Marketer.

You want to be an Online Marketer, whose products, services and opportunity happen to be in the Network Marketing space.

As a successful Online Marketer, one of the things you want to do is use Social Media, especially LinkedIn, to get connections.  Or it could be friends on Facebook.

There’s a very distinct difference to me, as an Online Marketer, between a Connection, a Friend, Follower, etc. and a lead.

Growing connections, friends and followers is good.  But it won’t help you one bit if you get your account shutdown.  You just lost all of your access to that group of people.

And let’s be honest, the platforms are all putting more and more restrictions on how you can message your connections, friends and followers.

So, is it hopeless?  NO!

But you’ve got turn those connections Leads or Prospects!

A connection is NOT a lead.

A lead is someone who has shown interest in what you have to offer by opting into something of value.  They give you their name and email address in exchange for a free guide, tips, a checklist, a group of recipes, etc.

2 Step Process To Generate An Endless Stream Of Highly Qualified Leads Coming To You Everyday On LinkedIn

STEP 1:  Grow Your Connections & Followers

Here are 6 Ways To Grow Your Connections And Followers On LinkedIn

(Watch the video for more detailed instructions on how to do these.)

  1. Standard search & invite people to connect
  2. People you may know on your “my network page”
  3. Groups – message people you’re not connected with & invite them to connect
  4. Groups – message people in groups & send them a message telling them you’d love to connect, but don’t actually click on the connect icon
  5. Generate followers by posting valuable content
  6. Create your own group

Grab my free guide 10 Secret LinkedIn Hacks for some additional tips on how to optimize LinkedIn.

STEP 2:  Convert Connections and Followers into Leads and Prospects

This is one of the single most important pieces of the puzzle that I see so many network marketers totally missing out on.  And it’s your business building insurance policy.

If you’re not building and growing an email list that you maintain on an independent auto-responder, not your company’s back office, you’re playing with dice.  You’re putting your entire financial future in the hands of social media platforms which are fickle at best, and a network marketing, or affiliate marketing company that you have absolutely no control of.  And it’s dangerous.

You want to take every opportunity possible to convert connections and followers into leads.

Here are 12 Ways To Turn Connections & Followers Into Leads

  1. Send a thanks for connecting message to every new connection and offer a link to enter their name and email address to get a free guide or something of value.
  2. Endorse all of your connections and send them a message with a link to a survey, quiz, or questionnaire.  I do this 5- 7 days after I connect with them.
  3. Go back and endorse your connections a second time for another skill a month or two later with a link to another free guide or a different survey, or questionnaire.
  4. Go back and endorse your connections again.  You can continually endorse your connections.  Just endorse for one skill at a time.
  5. Send happy birthday messages to all your connections and offer a link to enter their name and email address to get a different free guide or something of value.
  6. Send a congratulations message to all of your connections with a work anniversary and offer a link to enter their name and email address to get a different free guide or something of value.
  7. Send a message to all your connections who start a new position and offer a link to enter their name and email address to get a different free guide or something of value.
  8. Post on LinkedIn at least 5 days a week.  You can post up to 3 times a day.  Create value and add links for your connections to subscribe to your email list.
  9. Write articles on LinkedIn, again with links to something of value that your connections need to opt into.
  10. Share your relevant posts in the groups you belong to.
  11. Message people in the groups you belong to and offer them a free guide or ask them to take a quiz, poll, or survey that they have to opt into.
  12. Create content for the group you own and convert those group members into leads.

What if you don’t have any free guides, surveys, quizzes, polls and you’ve never created an opt-in page, or landing page to collect names and email addresses and you don’t have a clue what an auto-responder even is?

No problem!

I’ve got you totally covered!

When you grab my 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program for LinkedIn you get access to my…

Completely Done-For-You Lead Generation System


  • 17 different Lead Magnets (free guides, surveys and quizzes) that are totally written and designed uniquely for you.
  • All of the opt-in pages/landing pages are pre-built
  • All of the follow-up emails are written and will automatically be sent to your leads
  • 60 days of Social Media posts and imagines completely ready for you to copy & paste
  • 22 short promotional videos you can simply upload into LinkedIn to make you look like an absolute pro
  • 30 different pre-built LinkedIn banners for you to choose from use on your profile
  • Tons of messaging scripts you can swipe.
  • And so much more!

All you have to do is copy and paste to get leads flowing to you every day.

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