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29 Tips to a Great Webinar

If you’re a Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, or Coach and you’re not doing webinars…

You’re leaving money on the table.  And potentially LOTS of it.

Webinars are a powerful way to get your message out to many people at one time and dramatically boost sales and enrollments.

I regularly use webinars to create multiple 5 figures an hour in revenues and recruit multiple people at one time.

I don’t want you to be missing out on this powerful platform.

Which is why I wanted to share with you my

29 Tips to a 5-Figure an Hour Rapid Sales & Recruiting Webinar.

Read on and watch the video here.

Why Do Webinars? 

  • Webinars are the fastest easiest way to sell and recruit one-to-many vs. one-to-one. 
  • You can make your webinar highly interactive, so you viewers stay engaged and they get their questions answered.
  • Webinars give you a great opportunity to create the know, like and trust factor quickly. If your webinar is great, doesn’t it make sense that whatever you’re promoting will be fantastic too?
  • When you require registration for your webinar, which is the ONLY way you should do it, you grow your email list and get highly qualified leads.
  • Since you’ve spent all the time creating the content for your webinar, you’ve got lots of material to repurpose and reuse for social media posts, articles, Facebook lives and YouTube videos.

29 Tips to Creating a Great Webinar

#1. Know Your Target Audience/Your Prospects

Understand who your ideal prospect is.  Take time to write down a list of their pain points and their dreams.  Throughout your webinar you want to show your prospect over and over how you’re going to help them move away from their pains and towards their pleasures, goals and dreams.

#2. Start Your Webinar with Enrolling Questions

Always start your webinar with 3 to 5 enrolling questions.  Enrolling questions are questions that grab your audience’s attention.  You want to be sure that everyone in your audience answers “YES!” to at least one, if not all the questions. 

#3. Let Your Audience Know They’re in the Right Place

After the enrolling questions you can let your prospects know they’re in the right place because today you’re going to show them exactly how you’re going to help them get from where they are right now over the gap to where they want to be… their dream.

#4. Take Your Prospects on an Emotional Journey of Ups and Downs

Throughout the webinar continue to hit your prospects pain points and get them dreaming.  Every decision is an emotional one.  So you want your prospects feeling the emotions of their pains and their dreams.

#5.  Build up to an Emotional Need.

By the end of your presentation, you want your prospect to see and feel that they neeeeeeeeeeeeed what you have to offer.

#6.  Keep Your Viewers Engaged Throughout the Webinar with Participation

Continue to ask questions throughout the webinar.  You can even use a poll during the webinar.  Ask people to answer questions in the chat box.  Be sure your viewers don’t feel like they’re just listening to a talking head!

#7.  Include a Q&A Section

Allow for a Q&A at the end of your webinar, or even at some point in the middle of your presentation.  If you pause your presentation in the middle to do a Q&A you’ll need to keep it short and sweet so you don’t lose people.  A Q&A at the end is usually the best place, so people feel like they’ve got their questions answered and can make their buying decision.  Your sales & recruiting will increase if you do a Q&A.

#8.  Prepare for Your Q&A

If you have 100 or fewer people registered for your webinar I recommend preparing some FAQ’s you can go over at the end, just in cast you don’t get any questions.

#9.  Create Visually Appealing Slides

Use lots of professional quality images that help convey the message and the feel of your topic.  Be sure to make use of color.

#10.  Use Copy Sparingly

Do not get stuck in the trap of putting too much copy on any slide.  Make sure any copy you have on a slide is clearly readable.  Use bullet points and lists.

#11.  Create Movement

Use animations and transitions in PowerPoint to continue to hold the viewer’s attention.  You can even insert gifs and short videos.

#12.  Choose a Color Palette

Use the color palette you’ve chosen throughout your slides. This gives your presentation a sense of coherence.  Don’t make your slides too busy.

#13.  Use Your Logo

Include your logo on slides for branding whenever it makes sense.  Your logo doesn’t have to be on every slide, but it can be if it’s not too invasive.

#14.  Copyright Your Work

Use the footer feature to copyright your work.  All you need to do is put “Copyright 2021 – Your Name/Your Company Name” on the bottom of each slide and your work is copyrighted.

#15.  Provide VALUE

People come to webinars to learn and get information. Be sure to provide valuable information on your webinar, but just enough of a taste to wet their appetites, not enough to teach them everything they need to know.

#16.  Content Duration

You want to provide 30 to 45 minutes of content followed by Q&A for an hour-long webinar.

#17.  Ideal Price Point of Your Product, Service or Opportunity

Webinars are great to sell products and services that are in the $199 - $799 range.  The less experienced you are at doing webinars, the easier it will be to promote a lower price point product or service.

#18.  Higher Price Points

If you’ve got an opportunity, a product, or a service that is $1,000 or more, and you’re new at doing webinars, you may want to consider the call to action being to book a consultation call with you for more information.

#19.  Call to Action & Links

Your call to action will almost always be to direct your viewers to go to an order page, or shopping cart.  Be sure you’ve got a link that you can say and people can remember.

EXAMPLE:  Go to GloriaMacDonald.com/Yes

Do NOT send people to a link like this:  https://dee989o3.pages.infusionsoft.net

That kind of link will DRAMATICALLY depress response because it’s not going to be clickable on your viewer’s screen. 

#20.  Your Offer

Show your prospects the value of what you’re offering, then give them the price which should be dramatically less than the value.  Show the savings   including a special time-limited (until midnight tonight) offer.

#21.  Bonuses

Always create “FAST ACTION” Bonuses that encourage your viewers to take immediate action.  Even if you’re using your webinar to recruit people into your network marketing business, create some bonuses of your own to give to people who join new.  A bonus could be a complimentary strategy session with you, a free guide you create to help someone get started, or a PDF on how to use LinkedIn or Facebook to grow your business.

#22.  Proofread

It’s virtually impossible to proofread your own writing.  We see what we THINK we wrote.  Whenever possible get someone else to proofread your slides and be sure the animations and transitions work properly.

#23.  Practice, Practice, Practice!!

Practice going through your slides multiple times.  Read them outloud.  Test out your webinar platform.  Make sure the sound is working and you’re recording your video.

#24.  Invest in a Good Microphone

I recommend the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone (ATR Series).  It’s available on Amazon for $99.00 here.  

#25.  Co-host, or Invite a Guest Presenter

This is a great way to get going with webinars if you’re just starting off.  Consider inviting someone with more experience to help do some of the heavy lifting on your webinar.  Or bring in a guest speaker with a bigger list, a larger following, and more authority.  This can help boost your credibility because you’re associating with your guest.

#26.  Find the Best Day and Time of the Week

Research shows that Thursdays are the best day of the week to do webinars.  And 11:00 am – 3:00 pm is the optimal time, depending on your time zone and where the bulk of your audience is.  If you’re in the US and the majority of your audience is in Europe, you’d want to adjust the time of your webinar to be between 1:00 – 3:00 pm in Europe.

#27.  Always Record Your Webinar & Offer an Instant Replay

You will significantly increase the number of views of your webinar when you offer an instant replay after you’ve recorded the live webinar.

#28.  Start Promoting Your Webinar 5 to 7 Days in Advance

When you’re using Social Media and email marketing promoting 7 days in advance is plenty of time.  If you’re relying on sending individual text messages on social media you might start two weeks in advance, but I wouldn’t start earlier than that.

#29.  Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Webinar 

Use the hashtag in every post on every social media platform and even use it in your emails.  This is a good way to start creating awareness and a sense of uniqueness about your webinar.

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