What’s Your Network Marketing Personality Style? - Gloria MacDonald

What’s Your Network Marketing Personality Style?

Do you know who you are?

That might sound like a silly question, but seriously...

Do you know and understand your Network Marketing Personality?

Better yet, do you know and understand the behavioral styles of your prospects and team members?

Today I'll be sharing with you life-changing insights into the four personality styles and how to become a Master at recognizing them to transform your business.

Without this knowledge, you will always struggle to "close the sale" and lead a team.

With this knowledge... everything changes!


  • learn why you "click" with some people and "clank" with others
  • discover what really drives you...
  • get tools to identify your prospect's "Network Marketing Personality" so that you can connect and "close" them with ease
  • see how to use your own style to maximize your effectiveness and grow your business FASTER.

Watch the video here and read below for all the info.

Are you an E, P, O or D? 

There are a million and one different personality profile assessments. I’ve taken a whole bunch of them over the years.

The problem is, many of them are so complicated you need a PhD to make heads or tails out of them.

And you can just forget about trying to remember who you are, let alone being able to actually use any of the information when you’re talking to a prospect and trying to close a sale.

That’s why I love this simple tool that’s so easy to understand and remember!

The Birds

When you think about four different birds with very different characteristics it makes it so much easier to understand and remember human personality styles.

The Eagle

Think of an eagle. Eagles soar at 30,000 ft. and they go in for the kill.

Eagles are…

  • Big picture thinkers.
  • They’re driven by achieving results.
  • They’re action takers.
  • They won’t get bogged down in details.
  • They tend to have a long term vision.
  • They think of what can be accomplished
  • They’re risk takers, especially when there’s a potential for big rewards.
  • They seek challenges.

The Peacock

Peacocks are colorful and showy. If you’ve ever heard a peacock, they are not quiet birds.


  • Get energy from, and enjoy being around and interacting with people.
  • A thirst for adventure drives them.
  • Like lots of stimulation and tend to have very active minds.
  • Thrive in social settings
  • Love being in the limelight – being on stage.
  • Are highly optimistic
  • Tend to have innate people skills
  • They love fun
  • They bring a sense of playfulness and positive energy into everything they do.
  • They’re highly inspirational and persuasive.
  • They’re creative and free-spirited.
  • They’re not going to be bothered by details which might limit their imagination.

The Owl

The “wise old owl” is an apt descriptor for this personality style. Imagine an owl sitting very quietly high on his/her perch observing everything within 360 degrees.


  • Are highly systematic and analytical.
  • They are driven by achieving total accuracy in everything they do.
  • They want things done “properly”.
  • They will constantly question policies and procedures to ensure that things are done correctly.
  • They’re very detail oriented.
  • They are practical.
  • Their decisions are based on logical analysis, rather than what they consider to be emotional.
  • They seek observable, quantifiable information.
  • They prefer working alone.
  • However, they are even-tempered, objective and diplomatic.

The Dove

Think of the dove of peace, or the image of a dove with an olive branch. That pretty much sums it up.


  • Seek to keep peace and restore harmony.
  • They want to create calm in every situation.
  • They always want to minimize or avoid conflict.
  • They like safe environments and the status quo.
  • They are friendly, good listeners, empathetic and compassionate.
  • They tend to be very patient.
  • They are very loyal friends and partners.
  • They seek stability. Change and innovation are not their friends.
  • They usually prefer to be in supportive roles, rather than positions of leadership.
  • They like the familiar, the predictable and the consistent.
  • They favor procedures and well-known patterns.

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Obviously, no human being has just one personality style. We’re all a combination of different styles. And we tend to have a more predominate style, or combination of styles.

Knowing your own personality style and becoming very familiar with all the personality styles will enable you to become more flexible and a better communicator with your team members and your prospects.

The more you can speak in your prospect’s “bird language” the faster you’ll create rapport and build the know-like-trust factor.

This is critical especially in the sales process.

Let’s look at a few more characteristics of each “bird-style” to help you understand who you are and identify who your prospect is.

Take a look at the diagram below to see the quadrants of the Network Marketing Personality Profiles.

Eagles and peacocks tend to speak, act, and move more quickly. They’re also more verbal in their communication.

Owls and doves, are more reserved and will speak and move more slowly.

If you’re a peacock speaking to a dove or an owl, you’ll want to be aware to slow down your speech and even speak more softly.

If you’re a dove speaking to an eagle or a peacock, you may need to speed up your pace, and potentially speak louder to match their style.

Eagles and owls are task oriented, while peacocks and doves are people oriented.

If your prospect is a peacock, you’ll want to be sure to tell them how much “FUN” you have as a team. You’d want to emphasize the social aspects of the business.

This is not what the eagle or the owl wants to hear about because they are far more task oriented. The eagle wants to hear about the results they can expect to achieve and the owl wants to hear about the step-by-step duplicatable system.

Keep in mind in every situation there’s no right and wrong, good and bad, better and worse. There’s just different.

As you learn to really appreciate the differences in personality styles and adapt to them, you’ll be a much better closer.

If you really want to become a master at recognizing and speaking to each “bird type”, so that you can close far more people into your opportunity…

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