**ALL NEW** Super Secret LinkedIn Recruiting Technique - Gloria MacDonald

**ALL NEW** Super Secret LinkedIn Recruiting Technique

I've never shared this before.

But now's the time.

Because this technique is being used quite successfully.

And I wanted to see the results before I shared it with you.

It's an...

**ALL NEW** Super Secret LinkedIn Recruiting Technique

I'm going to show you:

  • A whole new way to find hot prospects who are looking for what you've got to offer.
  • How to pre-qualify them so you're not dealing with tire kickers and time wasters.
  • AND... how to have them reaching out to you!

We’re going to use a special function on LinkedIn that extremely few Network Marketers ever pay attention to.

Read on and watch the video below.

The “JOBS” tab.

I’m going to show you…

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free

We’re going to use the power of LinkedIn for what most people are thinking of it for…

A place to find a job, a career, or an opportunity.

Obviously, you’re not looking to “hire” someone for a traditional job.  But there are plenty of people on LinkedIn looking for opportunities.  And there are plenty of commission-based sales positions on LinkedIn.

And that’s exactly how you’re going to present your opportunity… as a commissioned sales position.

Isn’t that what it is?

Benefits of Using LinkedIn For Recruitment 

When you use LinkedIn Talent Solutions, you’re able to expand your searches beyond your connections.  You’ll literally have access to over 690 million LinkedIn members.

There are more than 20 search filters that enable to you target prospects.  And there’s new “Find more people like” function that enables you to search for prospects based on “ideal candidates” you know.

You can post a job for free, or you can promote it setting a daily budget of how much you want to spend.  You can also set a total budget you want to spend so your ad will stop once that total has been reached.

LinkedIn will tell you approximately how many monthly applicants you’ll receive depending on whether you’re doing a free post or a paid post. You can change your budget or close your job posting at any time.

LinkedIn offers a 3-day free trial of a “promoted” add.  They set the amount you will be charged daily after the free trial, but you can cancel at any time.  In my case the daily fee after the 3-day trial is $26 Canadian.

Where does your job posting appear?

Your post will be served to candidates who LinkedIn deems to be relevant.  Your posting will appear across LinkedIn within job search results and through email.

After your job is posted you can go back to your posted job and share it in a post in your newsfeed or as a message to a specific person.

How to Recruit On LinkedIn

I’m going to show you step-by-step…

How to use LinkedIn Talent Solutions

How to Post A Job On LinkedIn For Free

Step 1:  Click the Jobs icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2:  Click the Post a job button.

Step 3:  On the first page

  •  Enter a Job title.  LinkedIn has a list that you can choose from a dropdown menu.  I recommend something in sales or sales and marketing.  I do not recommend saying anything about network marketing.
  • The first company from your profile will automatically populate in the Company field.  You can change this to something generic.
  • NOTE:  I do NOT recommend using the name of your network marketing company.  This will drive your prospect to do research on your company and very possibly end up with someone else.
  • Enter a job location to target a specific country, region, or city.  After you choose a geographic location you can also click on the box “This job is remote”.
  • Choose the Employment type from the dropdown menu.  I recommend using Contract.
  • Click Get started for free.

Step 4:  On the Job Details page, complete the following fields:

  • Description: Enter a job description (required) in the text box.
  • Add skills: Specify the skills needed for the job by clicking the Add skill icon.
  • Click Continue.

EXPERT TIP:  Google job descriptions for sales professionals to get ideas on what to include and how to write a job description.

Step 5:  On the Applicant Options page, complete the following fields:

  • How would you like to receive applicants? Select how you’ll be notified of applicants.
  • Review screening questions:  Add at least 3 screening questions to help your prospects decide if they’re a fit for the “position” and want to apply.

Step 6:  If you decide you want to pay to promote your posting and get more applications, after you click the Promote job button, add your credit card details on the checkout page.

  • Review your posting and budget details before promoting your job. You can see your daily budget, total budget, and other details.
  • Click Post job.

After You Post Your Job on LinkedIn

You'll receive a confirmation email.  Your job post can be searched by the entire member base.  People who apply for your job will be sent to your email address or the external website you selected when you set up the job posting.

EXPERT TIP:  Be sure to go back into “Manage job posts” on the top right corner once you’ve gone back to the Jobs tab.

Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your post and choose Manage Job from the dropdown menu.

Then click on Settings on the top left just above your Job description.

LinkedIn will automatically decide that applicants are not a good fit if they don’t meet the criteria in your job description.  Unless you turn these settings off LinkedIn will also send an automated message to these candidates saying “we will not be moving forward with your application…”

I choose to turn these off, so LinkedIn isn’t dismissing applicants.

Track and Manage Your Applicants

Following the same steps above when you go to Manage Job.

Then click on the View Applicants button.  You’ll be able to see all of your applicants and you’ll be able review and rate them.

To rate your applicants:

Click on the applicant you want to rate.

Click the Rate as button and select a rating.

  • Good fit – Modifies LinkedIn’s targeting to find similar candidates.
  • Maybe – Doesn't impact LinkedIn’s targeting.
  • Not a fit – Modifies LinkedIn’s targeting away from similar candidates.

I recommend running two or three ads at a time and testing out different job titles and job descriptions to see what works for you.

Once you find the job title and description that works the best test out different locations to see if one country or city works better for you than another.

When you’re testing only change on variable at a time.

Test out job posting on LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find high quality prospects and let me know what your results are.

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