How to Create a Killer LinkedIn About Section That Will Have More Prospects Reaching Out To You! - Gloria MacDonald

How to Create a Killer LinkedIn About Section That Will Have More Prospects Reaching Out To You!

Is your LinkedIn profile a magnet drawing your ideal prospects to you?

Or is it a dull, boring, ordinary bio that puts your prospective customer or team member to sleep?

I see so many network marketers making the mistake of using LinkedIn as a resume, instead I recommend you…

Turn LinkedIn Into A Powerful Prospecting & Recruiting Machine

You’re not looking for a job, so get rid of your job history and experience and turn your LinkedIn profile into a sales and marketing tool.

We’re turning LinkedIn on its head here.

To quote Dale Carnegie…

“People aren’t interested in you.  They’re interest in themselves.”

So, make everything in your profile about your ideal prospect.

As you go through each section of your profile ask yourself, “How can I get rid of I, me, my, we, and ours?”

Those words will shut your prospect down and have them running for the hills because they mean you’re talking about yourself, not your prospect.

Everything you write should be about how your prospect will benefit by what you have to offer.

In his book Copywriting Secrets, Jim Edwards lists…

The 10 Reasons Why People Buy (or Join Your Team)

It’s because they want to:

  • Make money
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Avoid effort
  • Escape mental or physical pain
  • Get more comfort
  • Achieve greater cleanliness or hygiene to attain better health
  • Gain praise
  • Feel more loved
  • Increase their popularity or social status

3 LinkedIn Profile Attention Grabbers 

The first three things your prospect sees when they open your LinkedIn Profile are:

  • your banner
  • your profile picture.
  • your headline.

LinkedIn Banner

Be sure you create a banner that visually grabs your prospect’s attention and let’s them know why they’d want to connect with you, or what’s in it for them.  A pretty picture is nice, but 99% of the time doesn’t tell your prospect what benefit they’ll get from you, your product, service or opportunity.

LinkedIn Profile Photo

Recently I did a training on the importance of your profile picture and how to create the best LinkedIn profile pictures.  You can check that out here.  How To Make A Million Using Your LinkedIn Profile - Gloria MacDonald

LinkedIn Headline

Your headline, which is immediately under your headshot, is the third thing your prospect is usually drawn to.  You want to use this valuable real estate to give your prospect another reason to connect with you.

The next thing your prospect will see is your...

LinkedIn About Section

How do you write an attention grabbing, eye-popping story about you... and make it all about your prospect?  So, you have your prospect paying attention, raising their hand and saying "YES, I want that!"

Here’s the 4-Step Secret Story Formula

STEP 1:  Enrolling Questions

Start your about section by asking several “enrolling questions”.

Enrolling questions are questions you know your prospect is going to answer “yes” to.

If you’re a Network Marketer, and you’re following my Attraction Marketing Strategy and targeting other Network Marketers here are some examples of enrolling questions.

These examples of questions you know are going to hit 99% your prospects’ pain points and have them answering “yes”:

  • Have you burned through your warm market?
  • Are you tired of all the rejection?
  • Are you suffering from Facebook fatigue?
  • Are you fed up with spending your precious time on tire kickers and timewasters?
  • Are you done with trying to hit up strangers at Starbucks and Costco?
  • Are you tired of recruiting people that just don’t duplicate the system?

Here are examples of questions that you know 99% of your prospects are going to answer “yes” to that are moving your prospects to their dreams”.

  • Would you love to have a steady stream of highly qualified prospects reaching out to you?
  • Would you love to do 100% rejection-free prospecting and recruiting?
  • Would you love to wake up every morning to new prospects in your inbox?
  • Would you love to be able to build your business while you sleep?
  • Would you love to make more sales and recruit more team members on autopilot?
  • Would you love to have a system that every team member can duplicate with the push of a button?

Let’s say you’re focusing on promoting a weight loss product, here are examples of enrolling questions that would hit your prospects’ pain points:

  • Are you tired of all the yo-yo diets?
  • Are you sick and tired of trying to starve yourself into skinniness?
  • Are you fed up with all the fad diets?
  • Have you tried every diet under the sun and you’re no further ahead?
  • Are you tired of losing the weight and gaining it all back again six months later?

Here are examples of enrolling questions that have your prospects dreaming and saying “yes”.

  • Would you love to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good?
  • Would you love to shed those excess pounds without staving to death and depriving yourself?
  • Would you love to drop a dress size with out giving up chocolate?
  • Would you love to melt the extra pounds away without spending hours at the gym?

Great!  So now you’ve asked several enrolling questions.  You’ve grabbed your prospect’s attention and you’ve got them subconsciously saying “yes, yes, yes”.

You’ve identified your prospect’s problem.

The next 3 steps of the Secret Story Formula are the tried, tested and true… 

Feel – Felt – Found Methodology

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STEP 2:  “I know how you FEEL.”

In step two of your About Section, or your story, you’re going to let your prospect know that you understand how they feel.

You feel the pain of their problem.

You can also add on just a bit of your story by saying in one sentence what happened to you, what you did, or almost did as a result of the pain you experienced, or the pleasure you were also looking to move towards.

You can do this by using phrases like…

  • I get it.  For 20 years I struggled with endless yo-yo dieting.
  • I understand the pain of rejection.  It almost made me give up.
  • Just like you, I know how much work it is to build a business.
  • I feel your pain.  I ended up in the NFL (no friends left) club.
  • I’m with you!  I’m still suffering PTSD from messaging a million people on Facebook with zero results.
  • I know how you feel.  I searched everywhere for a system that’s truly duplicatable.

STEP 3:  “I felt the same way.”

In this step you’re going to tell more of your story, but it’s still always about your prospect!

You can let your prospect know that you felt the same way they feel because you’ve been through the struggle too.

You understand the struggle of trying to find a solution to their problem.

You can do this by asking a question, or making a statement such as:

  • Have you been through the same craziness I have?  I tried everything and nothing worked.  I felt like a loser.
  • I almost gave up!  Did you feel that way too?
  • Probably you’ve felt the same way I did. I felt like I would NEVER lose the weight and keep it off.
  • Maybe you’ve experienced the same endless rejection I have. I felt dejected and hopeless and wondered what was wrong with me.
  • Probably a lot like you, I wondered if I would EVER be successful.  I felt like a total failure.

From this point you can go on and tell your story of struggle, always including your prospect in the story.

EXAMPLE:  Weight Lose

Here are just some of the crazy diets I tried.  Have you been through these too?

Include a list of all your crazy diets.

EXAMPLE:  Network Marketing

I did everything my upline told me to.  I’m guessing you’ve tried a bunch of these too.

List all the things you’ve tried that didn’t work.

EXAMPLE:  Anti-aging

I started to notice a bunch of changes in my body.  Have you been aware of these changes too?

List the changes you started noticing.

EXAMPLE:  Financial Freedom/Opportunity

My back was up against the wall financially and I started to wonder where the money would ever come from to do everything I needed and wanted to do.  Can you relate?  I wondered how I would ever…

List things you wanted and needed money for.

STEP 4:  Then I found…

This is where you introduce your product, service, or opportunity.

This is the solution to your prospect’s problem.

You can introduce your prospect to what you have to offer with wording like this:

  • After 15 years of struggle, I finally found something that has enabled me to lose the weight and keep it off for good.  And now I want to help you do the same thing.
  • After trying 8 different network marketing companies, and endless approaches to trying to build a team, I finally found a system that works.  Not only does it work for me, but it also works for every team member.  And now I want to help you build a bigger team faster and have people duplicating with ease.
  • After spending thousands of dollars on insanely expensive skincare systems that were loaded with chemicals, I finally found something that has brightened and firmed my skin and reduced the signs of aging.  I love it, feel great, and know that I’m not putting toxic chemicals in my body.  And now I’m passionate about helping you feel the same way.

Always end your LinkedIn About Section with a Call to Action.

Give your prospect an opportunity to book a call with you by including your calendar link or provide them with a link where they can find out more and purchase.

If you found this helpful you can grab my signature 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program for LinkedIn FREE with Promo Code GIFT.

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