Online Surveys Are The Perfect Tool To Get More Leads & Prospects! - Gloria MacDonald

Online Surveys Are The Perfect Tool To Get More Leads & Prospects!

Don't Make This Mistake!
You'll Be Missing Out on So Many Great Leads & Prospects

I see almost no Network Marketers using this insanely simple strategy and tool.

And it's something that I use Every. Single. Day.

Without fail. Period.

And it's brought in as much as...

56% MORE Prospects and Leads than any thing else I've ever done!!!

Can you see why I can't encourage you strongly enough to start using this?

Curious?  Read on and watch the video here.

What's the thing I'm doing every single day????

Using an Online Survey to get pre-qualified, HOT prospects and leads. 

This simple tool and strategy of using online survey tools can give your network marketing business a big boost!


  1. Human-beings love surveys and quizzes!  
  2. The opt-in rate for surveys are fantastic!  I get 2x the amount of leads from my Network Marketing Survey than my very highest lead source.
  3. They are great for pre-qualifying your leads to great prospects.  The lead has taken the time to fill out the survey and see their results.
  4. Surveys give you a great place to start with conversations with these prospects.  Asking the right questions based on the survey gives you valuable information about them.  
  5. Asking a prospect questions makes them feel like you are interested in their point of view and gives you immediate rapport. 
  6. Creating a survey of your own is much easier than you probably think.  There are many free online survey tools available.  Survio is one of them that I love!

To learn more about exactly what kind of questions you can ask, watch the training video here.  Or you can listen to the podcast instead here.

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