Not Your Mother's Network Marketing World - Gloria MacDonald

Not Your Mother’s Network Marketing World

Ever felt this way?

I don't ever want to have to do another facial party ever again!

Or have you ever said this? (And this one came from someone with a very substantial size team.)

We can't get anyone to show up at our team meetings.

Or how about this...

I've invited TONS of people to a customer appreciation event, but no one is coming.

I talk to a lot of Network Marketers.

And these are the types of comments I hear constantly.

Now I have to confess.

I was invited to a customer appreciate event.

The invitation was from someone who I buy from all the time.

I love the products and I love the person who sells them to me.

But when I got the invite I thought, "The last thing in the world I want to do is go out on a Wednesday night to this thing".

So has it occurred to you...

That these are “old school” methods that might have worked well in the 80’s and the early part of the 90’s?


We are over a DECADE into the 21st century, and the old “tried and true” methods will soon become as outdated as switchboards, operators and party-lines.

With what we have at our disposal

today, it’s INSANE to continue to rely on these dying and quite frankly, painful tactics, and not leverage the technology you have at your finger tips.

You could take a steamboat across the Atlantic today, and hopefully make it through rough weather in a week’s time.


You could hop on plane and get from New York to London in just 6 hours.

I think we can safely say…

It's NOT your mother's Network Marketing world any longer.

It’s Official…

Old School MLM Is DONE…

And The Internet is Now KING!

So if you'd like to understand how to unlock the Gold Mine of LinkedIn...

And add 4,000 or more highly targeted, highly qualified prospects to your list in just months...

Like I did.

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