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The 4 Top Skills Every Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer & Coach Needs

To be good at any career, craft, sport, etc. requires developing skills.

And creating a thriving network marketing, affiliate marketing, or coaching business is no different.

There are 4 skills in particular that every network marketer today needs to stay relevant and keep their business growing.

These 4 things are absolutely critical to your business.

Without these, frankly... you're toast!

I see so many network marketers and home-based business owners struggling because they were sold on a promise of how easy it would be to build a “business-in-a-box”.

“All you have to do is share.”

Not in my experience!

I'm going to share with you the critical skill sets you need and how you can master each one of them.

I'll reveal exactly what I've done, and continue to do, everyday in these 4 areas.

And I'll share the "Success Formulas" for each of these 4 skills.

This doesn't have to be daunting. It can be fun and easy when you've got a proven system for success you can literally copy.

WATCH the VIDEO HERE and keep reading below.

To have a thriving business you need to know how to:

  1. Effectively prospect
  2. Deliver power-packed engaging live video
  3. Write copy so you can create killer posts, emails, articles & blogs
  4. Have non-salesy, heart-centered conversations that close

The way I grew my business from ZERO to 7-figures in sales in under two years was by doing each of these, every single day… CONSISTENTLY.

The definition of the word skill is “the ability to do something well; expertise.”

To develop expertise in anything takes training, time and practice.

Here are my “Success Formulas” for each skill.

Skill #1 – Prospecting

Good news!!!

Prospecting is now a piece of cake with social media, and especially with LinkedIn

You can have a steady stream of highly qualified prospects reaching out to you with out ever leaving your home, and without ever having to talk to strangers at Starbucks, Costco, or your kid’s soccer game.

I’ve developed super simple 4-step copy and paste prospecting system for LinkedIn that delivers prospects without having to pay a dime for advertising. 

If you implement it, it WORKS.

Check out my 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program here. 

The four-step 25-M-N-P Strategy I outline in this program is EXACTLY what I’ve done everyday for the past 3 years to grow my business and reach 30,000 connections and well over a million in sales.

And all of it can be done in under an hour a day!

Has it been worth learning how to do this and investing an hour a day into my business to grow to this level?

You better believe it!

Skill #2 – Mastering Live Video

Last week I did a full training on this which you can check out here. 

PLUS you can grab a copy of my FREE Never-Fail Video Scripts

Here’s the truth about live video. 

It’s scary at first.

You’re not going to be great at it when you start. Almost no one is.

And… it’s MUST in the current environment. It’s still the fastest growing medium… by far.

You’ve resisted long enough.

Get started TODAY.

Or get left in the dust.

Skill #3 – Copywriting

“But I’m no good at writing!!! “

“I don’t know what to write about. I don’t have any ideas.”

“I’m not creative.”

I can hear you now. I know, because I had all those same thoughts screaming in my head too.

Not anymore!

Trust me. Copywriting can become fun and easy.

You need to become a good copywriter so you can create compelling posts, emails, articles & blogs.

Whether you like it or not you’re in the “Edutainment” business.

With copywriting there are just 3 key things to consider.

  1. How to write attention grabbing, eye-popping headlines & subject lines
  2. How to write a mixture of informational, inspirational and entertaining content.
  3. How to write a powerful call to action.

Good news!

Every great copywriter knows that there are really no new ideas! Learn how to “SWIPE” smart.

I show you how to do all of this in my 30 Days to Writing Killer Emails, Articles & Blogs program. Check it out here. 

And YES! You really can learn how to write great copy in 30 days or less!

Skill #4 – The Secrets of Selling

Of all these skills this one is the most important.

 It’s the one that takes the longest to master, and it’s the one that the fewest people spend any time on.

I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars and hundreds of hours working on this skill. And I’m still learning more!

There’s absolutely and art and a science to having a non-salesy, heart-centered conversation with a prospect.

One of the most important things to remember about a sales conversation is that the goal of the conversation is NOT to make a sale!

The goal of every sales conversation you have should be to help your prospect get clarity. Is what you’re offering a clear “yes”, or a clear “no” for them.

Here’s free guide that’s a great place to start, The Sales & Closing Mastery Blueprint

Will it take an investment in time and money to hone these 4 Critical Skills? Yes.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

Celebrating Your Success!

Because You ARE Amazing, Genius & Divine,


Gloria MacDonald

Teaching Network Marketers & Entrepreneurs How To UNLEASH The Power Of LinkedIn To Build Your Business & Grow Your Team