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Your Perspective Changes Your Results

I was blown away!

I decided to do something a little wild 'n crazy a couple of days ago.

If you've seen some of my videos you might know that I take regular walks along the lake.

I live in Toronto, right on Lake Ontario.

Our condo is right on the water.

And there are acres of parks and tons of trails right outside our back door.

There are probably hundreds of different trails I could take.


Being the human being that I am...

I have three, yes, THREE, paths I take!

So a couple of days ago I decided to walk on the wild side.

For some reason I decided I was going to switch things up.

So I took the big leap...

I walked my favorite route...

But I did it in the opposite direction.

Instead of turning left to take the loop I usually do, I turned right.

BIG change, right? LOL!

Well, to my surprise...

I was blown away!

I came up a hill and around a bend and I saw something I had never seen before.

A spectacular view of the Toronto skyline that I just hadn't ever seen from this perspective.

Now, I've walked this path probably at least 100 times -- in the opposite direction.

But this was literally a whole new world.

A TOTALLY different perspective on things.

When I pivot, and look at the view from the usual way I walk the path, this is what I see...

Quite different, I'm sure you'll agree.

Here's another example further along the path.

This was the new view.

And with the particular lighting, the water and the buildings, it's pretty spectacular.

Now the "normal" view is dramatically different.

A simple 180 degree pivot looks like I'm on a dirt path in the middle of nowhere.

So it got my thinking about what we see and are focused on in our businesses.

How often are you focused on all the things you didn't get done?

The business volume level you didn't meet?

The rank you still haven't made?

The rejection you experienced?

You see...

I think an awful lot of people spend their time looking back.

Rather than focusing forward.

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Celebrating Your Success,


Gloria MacDonald

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