The Annual State of the Network Marketing Industry Review - Gloria MacDonald

The Annual State of the Network Marketing Industry Review

How did the industry fare during this crazy year of 2020?

What's working? What's not?


The Biggest Challenge Facing the MLM World for 2021 and Beyond

And most importantly...

How does that impact YOU?

In this article, you'll learn...

  • specifically, what you can do as an individual to combat this biggest challenge
  • how to look for signs that your company isn't falling behind the curve
  • AND... how to prepare now for what's ahead

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Despite the impact of the worldwide pandemic there are Network Marketing Companies that have seen significant growth in 2020.

The World of Direct Selling published an analysis of six companies and their growth.

Herbalife experienced a 22% growth in the 3rd quarter of this year compared to the same timeframe in 2019. It reported $1.5 billion in sales for Q3 which represents the highest quarterly sales in the company’s history.

The company reports that North America’s growth was 55%, Europe, Middle East & Africa’s 38%, Asia-Pacific’s 10%, South & Central America’s 8%, and finally China’s was 5%. 

Mexico was the only region that reported negative growth (-5%).

Herbalife is projecting 12.2 – 14.7% sales growth for all of 2020, which would put Herbalife as a $5+ billion company.

Natura & Co which owns Avon and The Body Shop, along some other holdings reported that the 3rd quarter saw growth in sales for Avon International of over 23%.

The Body Shop sales were up 52% over 2019 Q3 with a significant shift to direct sales and e-commerce. The direct sales business grew by 333%, and ecommerce by 103%.

Nu Skin reported after the third quarter: 

“We generated revenue and earnings per share well above expectations. We drove revenue improvements in all but one reporting segment. We are outpacing our 2020 growth projections due to strong product demand and ongoing digital investments. We are also benefitting from the current environment where more individuals are working from home and shopping online. Currently, approximately 90% of Nu Skin revenue is coming from digital transactions.”

Nu Skin had a 19% growth in third quarter global sales year-over-year. They are projecting annual growth for 2020 to be 6-7%.

Oriflame’s third quarter sales are down 3% from 2019 and their annual 2020 sales are projected to be down 6% from last year.

While the company experienced Q3 growth of 7-10% in some regions, Latin American had a decline of 17%, and Asia had a decline of 16%.

Oriflame reports that 97% of it’s global orders where placed online, with 64% of total orders being placed using mobile devices.

Tupperware saw third quarter sales up 14% over Q3 in 2019. It’s also important to note that it’s “average active sales force was up 10% and sales per active was up 10%.”

Tupperware credits this growth to “strong engagement by the sales force utilizing digital tools and techniques to bring Tupperware’s reusable products to market during unprecedented times”.

Sales in Europe are up 23% over 2019. And even more impressively, sales in the US and Canada are up 42%, which is the highest level of growth the company has experienced in over 20 years.

The company reports that these results “reflect a rapid adoption of digital tools by our sales force to combat the social restrictions surrounding COVID-19, and the increased consumer demand for our innovative and environmentally friendly products, as more consumers cook at home and are concerned with food safety and storage.”

USANA increased 2020 third quarter sales by 15% over last year. This included growth in the Americas and Europe of 10%. China makes up 45% of USANA’s market and its growth was the slowest with only a 4% increase.

The company is now projecting overall growth for 2020 compared to a revenue decline in 2019 of 11%.

On average, sales from these six companies were up 15% in Q3 year-over-year.

Great news, right? YES!

So, what’s…

The Biggest Challenge Facing the MLM World for 2021 and Beyond????

 One word.


Amazon reported it’s third quarter revenues were up by 37%.

That’s more than double the average growth of the network marketing companies.

Amazon’s North American sales were up by 39% in Q3 over 2019.

According to (Amazon reports $96.1 billion in Q3 2020 revenue: AWS up 29%, subscriptions up 33%, and 'other' up 51% | VentureBeat)

“In Q2, Amazon set aside “$4.0 billion in costs related to COVID-19,” followed up by $2.0 billion in Q3. For Q4, Amazon set aside another “$4.0 billion of costs related to COVID-19.” The company does not want to be seen as benefiting too much from the pandemic — its $5.2 billion in quarterly profit in Q2 was the largest ever in its 26-year history. It broke that record again in Q3 with $6.3 billion in quarterly profit, up 200% year-over-year.”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO reported that Amazon “created over 400,000 jobs this year alone.”  Amazon’s headcount is up 50% over last year in Q3.

I did a random search of 16 network marketing companies on Amazon and found a full variety of products for sale from these:

  • Isagenix
  • Arbonne
  • DoTerra
  • Young Living
  • Herbalife
  • Shaklee
  • Youngevity
  • Modere
  • Nu Skin
  • Mary Kay
  • Monat
  • Melaleuca
  • Juice Plus

There were only two companies I couldn’t find on Amazon, PawTrees and Xooma.

JungleScout reports ( Amazon FBA Predictions 2021: What Sellers Can Expect in the New Year (

“A whopping 70% of consumers shopped on Amazon in Q3, compared to 35% on and 26% on Nearly half of consumers say they would be fine if they never shopped in a physical store again.” 

That’s GREAT news for network marketers IF…

You’re prepared and you know how to work the magic of..

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Now let’s think about Jeff Bezos for a second.

Is he spending his time coming up with a bunch of posts for social media trying to grab people’s attention slogging why you need to buy some product with before and after pictures, testimonials, curiosity posts, etc.?

Absolutely not!

Jeff Bezos has his customers coming to him because they already know they want to buy, and they know what they want to buy.

How often do you go to Amazon to buy something and come away empty-handed?

If you’re anything like me, not very often.

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This strategy is turning the Network Marketing Industry on its head.

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