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Everyone is not your target market

ME: "So, who's your target market?"

HER: "Well, really everyone. It isn’t really limited to anyone."

ME: (In my head...) "UGH!!!! Not another one! I can't believe this crap is still being taught. And WORSE... people still believe it."

First I was taught everyone was my target market. Then in the next company it was everyone with skin was my target market. Then in the next company it was everyone that breathes is my target market.

ME: (To her again...) Unfortunately, this idea that “everyone” is your target market, that I was taught in 1979 when I started in this business, doesn’t serve us, as network marketers well at all.

It’s why there’s so much rejection and why so many people don’t make it and drop out of the industry.

#1 Fallacy of Network Marketers

"Everyone" is your target audience. NOT!

This particular network marketer I was speaking with is in the health and wellness industry. One of their product lines is a weight loss product.

I went on to say to her...

Just as an example, I can guarantee you that my mother-in-law is NOT your target market. She won’t touch anything that her doctor hasn’t prescribed. And there are plenty of other people like her.

I’ve got a really good friend who is not your target market. She’s been told by her doctor that her obesity is a chronic disease and there’s a part of her brain that doesn’t register that she’s full when she eats. He’s convinced her that there’s absolutely nothing she can do to lose weight and get healthy. Sad, but true. She would view your product, and so many other products, as “snake oil”.

Let's face it, there are lots of reasons why people truly aren't your target audience. It doesn't mean that your product wouldn't be great for them, and possibly do wonders for them.

And... there are certainly people who are on a budget, can barely make ends meet, and just can't afford your products.

So, it's a waste of your time and money fighting the uphill battle of trying to talk someone into something, when you could talk till you're blue in the face, and it's not going to change a thing.

I get that what I'm saying might not be popular.

And you might disagree with me.

But my whole goal is to help you be successful.

And I just haven't seen this notion that "everyone is my target audience" help anyone succeed.

In fact, I believe it's a huge contributor to failure.

I can't think of any thing much more ubiquitous than McDonald's and Coke.

If anyone could say "the world is our target audience" it would be them.

And yet...

Both McDonald's and Coke know very, very well that I am NOT their target audience.

Are you?

Not that there's anything wrong if you are.

I'm just saying...

I've been into a McDonald's once in the last two years. And we only went in because we were on vacation. We were driving in the middle of nowhere at 1:00 in the morning trying to get to our destination. We were STARVING. And McDonald's was the only thing that was open.

I couldn't tell you when the last time was I had a Coke.

The whole point of attraction marketing is to REALLY understand who your ideal prospect is, and target them, and only them, with your marketing and prospecting efforts.

When you do this, your sales and recruiting efforts become HIGHLY effective and you start to experience success like never before.

And when you start to teach your downline how to do it too, they become successful, and then they don’t drop out because they’ve actually got a system that’s really working.

Does that make sense?

If so, and you'd like to start to understand how to target your ideal prospect and exactly where to find them...

Start here.

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