Don't hate me for telling you this… - Gloria MacDonald

Don’t hate me for telling you this…

I wanted to share something with you today.

Something I've held on to for several years now.

Two and a half actually.

I've held on to it because it's so darn good!

This is an email Jonathan Budd wrote.

It's incredibly powerful, so I keep it and go back and read it every once in a while.

It has everything to do with your success...

Or failure.

So here it is...

"Life plays a weird trick on you.

In order to succeed, you often have to do what you don’t want to do.

Success literally goes against your biology all the time.

You will have to take huge risks, and your biology doesn’t like to take huge risks. You will have to be very vulnerable… and your biology doesn’t really like being very vulnerable.

You will have to face enormous uncertainty, and I’m sure you guessed, your biology doesn’t really like enormous uncertainty.

Yet time and time and time again, the hall mark of many of the most successful entrepreneurs is their willingness to do what they don’t want to do.

Their willingness to find the strength, the courage, the energy, the confidence, the heart, and the POWER… to do it anyway.

So how do you do what you don’t want to do?

This is literally the answer millions of people are searching for who find themselves procrastinating, making excuses, distracting themselves, avoiding their challenges, and quitting on their businesses every day.

Here’s the bad news…

  • The answer is that there is absolutely no easy way to do it.

Here’s the good news.

  • You don’t have a choice.

You see, as an entrepreneur you have to be willing to face reality. You have to be willing to look success in the face, and discard your illusions.

You can’t live under the illusion that what you want is possible if you don’t do what ever it takes!

There is no lottery ticket.

There is no “savior” coming to do it for you.

There is no “done for you” marketing that will ever actually do it for you.

There is absolutely no friggin' choice but to roll up your sleeves, and get to work, doing what scares the shit out of you the most.

And frankly, if you’re not scared shitless then you are selling yourself short. You are playing a smaller game than you are capable of, and you really need to step it up.

Because the true entrepreneurs develop a warrior like mentality when it comes to their success.

They recognize their humanness, they know they will get scared, they know they will want to run, they know it might be painful…

and it doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant because the calling driving them is bigger than the pain.

It’s bigger than the fear.

And it’s bigger than their shortcomings.

I am human. I am scared all the time. I constantly challenge myself beyond the places I’ve gone before, I’m doing it right now, and it’s terrifying.

I routinely wish there was an easier way. I routinely wish someone would do it for me. I routinely wish I didn’t even have a damn vision, because then I could be happy making $1,500,000 per year and sitting around relaxing all day.

But the problem is… none of that is the truth. The truth is, the spirit of life has plans for me.

And the spirit of life has plans for you. 

And we can’t sit around selling ourselves short all day and live up to those plans.

We can’t have someone else step in and do all the hard work that develops CHARACTER…

…and expect our greatest dreams to come true. The truth is, you need to do the work in order to BE the person that succeeds.

Success isn’t an external thing that happens to you. It’s an INTERNAL REALITY.

You are success. You ARE it. It’s YOU, it’s not something else. If you live your life deeply aligned with the principals, the values, the knowledge, and the mentalities that create success then you will create anything you want in life.

That’s not an accident. That is a highly conscious endeavor. it is a highly conscious way of living.

And your business, your path to success, is your invitation to step up & BE conscious.

Conscious of your own emotions getting in the way. Conscious of your blind spots, your shortcomings, your areas of “growth”.

This is your invitation to become conscious of ALL of it, and develop into the person, the character, that you were destined to become.

Life is fulfilling your greatest dream right now, in every single moment, whether you realize it or not.

The opportunity is always there to become the greatest person we can be. It’s our choice whether we “do the work”.

I promise you though… the thankless work, the shit you don’t want to do… that is the pathway to the character development you really need in order to succeed.

Dig deep. Find the strength inside to get it done. And you will have all you want."

I hope you found that as inspiring as I do.

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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